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April 14, 2012

We're either completely awesome

or the coolest parents on the planet.  Oh, wait, maybe it's both!  Why?  Well, for sending our daughter away by herself to a land far, far away...but we have to, given that she has missed it so much.

She?  Caitlin.  It?  The land of fire & ice.

It's not difficult to understand her homesickness, given that she lived there during such formative years of her life.  We were supposed to visit in late 2010, but then our lives went you-know-where and unfortunately, we just couldn't make it.  This broke her heart, as did the fact that we could not go last year, either.  In fact, it wasn't until we thought about Peter going to...over there...that we realized we might be able to fit in a trip this coming fall.  However, Cait will beat us to the punch, as she is boarding a plane at the end of May to spend a whirlwind of a week in and around Reykjavik with a dear friend and her family.

My friend, Berta, has graciously opened her home to Cait for 7 amazing days so that my not-so-little girl can spend time catching up with friends, inhaling the clean air of Iceland, scarfing down fiskur og fronskur (see, I haven't lost my Icelandic!), careening through the lava fields, walking along the beach, embracing the midnight sun, hot-potting and swimming in any weather and re-living the life she left behind three years ago.  Of course, it will be different...people will have grown and places will have changed slightly.  However, I bet it is just enough of the same to make her heart very happy happy happy for a week or so...and given all that has happened over the past two years, that's all that really matters.

Happy Confirmation, Cait!


Mom & Dad



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That IS a fantastic gift! Safe travels!!

How awesome and memorable will that be for her! Great Confirmation gift!

That is a fantastic gift! You know she'll have fun!

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