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April 16, 2012

The grand finale

is finally commencing.  Right about now, I'm being rolled into...oh, I know, "What, this again?!"

Well, hopefully it is the last...NO.  No, it is the last surgical update you will ever see related to the blip. The only follow-up to this is tatooing, which will not happen until Peter's first  R & R (quite a bit of healing needs to take place first).  So, today's dealio is simply lopping off ye old dog ears on the scar running neath my belly button, minor adjustments, and well, prolly not lipo (I'll take that as a compliment?).  A much shorter procedure than the last and still outpatient, but I'll be taking two weeks or so off for recovery purposes.

So, if I'm quiet for the next few days (ha, as if!), you know why.  Many thanks for all of the good wishes and now it's off to la-la land....


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