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April 15, 2012

We decided the eve

of the 'grand finale' of the surgeries should be a less than stressful day.  We had been promising Nicholas a family day for quite some time and this definitely fit the definition.          

On a friend's recommendation, we opted for Scott's Run in McLean.  It has quite the reputation, as apparently the land, known as the Burling Tract,  was barely saved from being a housing development back in 1970.   We are grateful that it was as not only are there plenty of other areas in which to build, but this is a gorgeous piece of land.  We are thrilled that it was left untouched with the exception of the trails.


He will quite literally have to outgrow these beloved boots. They are the most multi-purpose shoes he has ever owned.


Not sure if you can tell, but a photo of Kelsey taking a photo of me.


The waterfall at Scott's Run (from a distance).


The falls...small, but still impressive.  Oh, and, of course, Cait compared to Gullfoss.


Finally relaxing after nearly a 2 mile trek to the falls.


As Nicholas would ask, "Why DO people litter?"


Peter had to offer to help (it's steeper than it looks). The boy has no fear and I have visions of solo rapelling down sheer cliffs....I mentioned 127 hours and Nicholas was fascinated...of course!


The coolest creek crossing (for those who don't feel like getting wet), I've ever seen.


Um, it was a very warm day.

Even a nature preserve might have droids lurking around....

It was a gorgeous day, an amazing (okay, and tiring) hike and the perfect way to end the weekend.  I almost forgot what waits for me tomorrow at noon...



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I'm so glad you liked it! (We missed a bunch of that. i think we must have taken the short trail.) I hope things go well. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

What fun day. Perfect way to de-stress the day before the grand finale.

Awesome day out! Gonna have to check this locale when in DC next for a great to-do. Best wishes for smooth and easy recovery!

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