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May 21, 2012

With one final wave,

he was gone.

Today, other than the departure, was a lovely day.  I was treated to the pleasure of sleeping in (on a weekday!) and breakfast in bed (Pete brewed an excellent cup of Jen-strength coffee) to start my day.  We picked Nick up from school, ate lunch at the "Get your own food/spicy chicken" place (the Delhi Club), retrieved Kelsey and hit both Staples and Red Mango for last minute treats/necessities.

Not long after Cait arrived home, it was time to load up the car and head out to Dulles.  I managed to be exhausted by this point, and apparently, I was not the only one.  Poor Pete spent half the drive talking to himself as the rest of us napped soundly.  Before we all knew it, he was parking and it was almost time to bid farewell.

I must say, I had the feeling I would not cry. Not that I couldn't have, but, this time, I'm ready.  We are here, we are settled, NO ONE is getting sick (well, not like last time!), we have an onward assignment and we clearly have so much support.   We even managed to have dinner tonight with friends who know exactly what we are going through with the departure, a real treat!

Oddly enough, I've actually been ready for him to go for several days.  To go, get started and before we know it, he will be back for an R&R.  I'm so happy that he is going in May (vs. the original thought of August) as having him start now is far easier than at the beginning of the school year after a crazy move.

I know it won't always be a cinch, but then again, neither was 3 years on the Secretary's Detail.  At least this route allows us three solid breaks when he does nothing but spend time with us and (theoretically) relax.  Once it is completely over, it will be time for our next move and we couldn't be more excited about that.



Nick practicing his pout regarding Pete's "leaving for his job."


One last picture with Dad.


Okay, maybe just one more...


I'll never hear the end of it for posting this picture....but a great photo...and is she tall or what?!


The obligatory lightsaber photo.


Perhaps *the* moment?  As Nick watched Peter walk towards the check-in, he shouted,

"Dad, may the Force be with you.  Bye!" 

If I didn't know better, I would have sworn that I saw Peter wipe away a tear.  I know it's not going to be a cakewalk, but if we could handle the cr*p life threw at us two years ago and get through it relatively unscathed, a little separation won't kill us...it will just make us stronger.  



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Departure day is such a mix. Love Nick's send off! Hoping for smooth days and a speedy arrival of the first R&R reunion.

Roll on next R&R! Thinking of you.

I agree, departure days are a mix, sad yes, but a relief to be through the chaos of getting ready and over-anticipation, and on to the start of things. I am looking forward to that moment already for our family, and we are traveling together! I don't want the sad goodbyes, but that moment at the airport is a time to let go a ton of stress! Safe travels to Peter, and may the count-down to the 1st R&R begin!

Can I just say that my heart melted when I read that Nick sent Peter off with the force. So precious and appropriate on so many levels!
Good luck. Hugs from over here!

Thinking of you all! XOXOXOXO Heather

LOVE Nick's send-off! What a precious memory! Glad your year has begun and praying it goes quickly and smoothly this time around!

Uh. Muh. Gah. Like, he totally hugged Cait in PUBLIC. Wishing you an uneventful and painless year with long R&Rs and short between-times.

And my the force be with you too Jen!

Well, if you didn't shed a tear, I did it for you. May the force be with all of you!

I also loved Nicks appropriate send-off. May the Force be with all of you!!!

Okay, this post made ME cry! But you all seem as ready as one can be for this. I agree - May is sooo much better than August! By August you're already 1/4 done! Hoping you all continue to cope well.

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