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May 22, 2012

I did it!

Woot!  A whopping 29 hours since I became a single parent for the next umpteen days/weeks/months and I didn't even notice when I hit the one day anniversary. I've only been truly cranky 5 times today!  I'm thinking I should celebrate, but I can't decide between a glass of wine or a nap.

Day One miraculously included only one breakdown this morning, from Kelsey (thank you, child, for waking yourself up when my alarm failed me!).  She woke me up, asked me what was for lunch and promptly burst into tears.  I was more worried about Nick, so that one threw me for a loop.

Cait?  Nope, that girl is already (figuratively) on the plane to Iceland (notice the clever scheduling of her trip?).  She is the land of fiskur og franskar, Nói Síríus, lava fields, hot pots and all- you- can eat kleinur (and, she WILL, ahem, bring some back with her!).  She has oodles of plans and her biggest worry is how many books she can carry on board with her (please, do not utter the words Kindle, nook, or e-reader around her...it just won't happen).  

We've already had two Skype sessions with Peter who tried to make us jealous with his fabulous fancy hotel room and plush hotel bathrobe, as he has not quite reached his destination.  As IF I am jealous?! Hello, I have laundry coming out of my eyeballs, oodles of end of the school year events, the cat box to empty and the guinea pig cage to clean.  I'm swamped! 

I almost hate to admit it that we are okay.  I did have a few slightly sad moments today, but overall we are doing well.  I don't know if it's timing, that we are so settled and involved here, that we have the upcoming post or that 'that of which we don't speak' is basically over (you know, the blip), but we are hanging in there thus far, making plans and really, are quite happily busy.

I was so busy, already, that I almost forgot what happened last week!  Or maybe it's because I was being a "self-indulgent narcissist."  I know I wasn't supposed to read the comments on the Washington Post last week, but you know, it's like staring when it's just plain wrong: I did it anyway.  (This is also where I insert a huge THANK YOU to my friends, Mom2Nomads, 4Gs, Spectrummy Mummy, Daring Adventure and others for their thoughtful replies to such odious comments.) 

Just an FYI, I would never, ever call someone who blogged about such a topic a self-indulgent narcissist. Trust me, if you think talking about my cozy is self-indulgent, I will happily go back and regale you with the exact details of each and every surgery.  Then I'll find all my friends who have dealt with such issues and have them do the same.  You know why?  Because those of us who have been through a blip sort of thing like knowing others have been through the same and are willing to share.  It makes us feel better knowing what to expect or (gasp!) that things *might* get better!  It's the joy of the internet...don't want to read it?  Go to a new page!

That's not the point, though I just had to vent for a moment.  My real point:  I had not one, but two stellar appointments last week.  The first was with my plastic surgeon who is nothing short of a miracle worker. The man is talented beyond belief and was thrilled with my progress.  I was given the green light to start running (tomorrow, I swear) and he was just beyond satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  the man is a genius and I would highly recommend him should you need...well, whatever.

The second appointment had me a bit more freaked.  It was time for a visit with the radiation oncologist.   If you recall, when I had my last visit with the breast surgeon, she advised me not to see the RO for another 6 months (I was set to see her 3 months later).  So, by the time I saw her last Thursday (a special anniversary treat!), so many things had happened in our lives (new postings, surgeries, recoveries...) that I didn't know where to begin.  She, did, however, with the standard exam (yippee). Normally, not very exciting.   However, at this appointment, she gave me a lecture of sorts, an "I told you so."


Well, what she had told me was (in slightly different words) was that I really controlled the outcome of what would happen to my skin.  I could pamper it, take exceedingly loving care of it, slather it (8x daily) with Calendula, be sure to stretch religiously, have regular massages and MLD and I would be rewarded with skin that was nearly perfect.  So, I did.  The results?

She was utterly amazed by how healthy everything appeared to be, on top of being incredibly impressed by the surgeon's handiwork.  She said, "YOU did this.  I tell my patients, it's not the radiation treatment, it's how you handle the care of your skin and you did a fabulous job."  

Well, I certainly needed to hear that!  Especially considering what a rough time I had with radiation, despite running in a 5K a week after finishing.  It's just so difficult to look ahead when you are so mired down with the treatments...well, and busy being so self-absorbed and all!

In fact, here I am being so narcissistic again, that I forgot to mention the outcome of Kelsey's first day sans dad:  just fine.  She went to school and realized that even though she wasn't thrilled he was gone, she didn't need to cry anymore.  She was surrounded by her friends and activities and while she didn't forget, she realized that things are okay for now.   

The beauty of it:  things are fine.  I'm sure we will have ups and downs, but I'm so grateful that all is going smoothly thus far and exceedingly thankful for so many friends who have us in their thoughts and prayers right now.  It truly means the world to us. 


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Smiling for you! So many things to celebrate and celebrations to plan!!

I am so happy to hear that things are going smoothly. No matter how well planned or practiced, life does get all topsy-turvy when half the parenting team must be absent. Thank goodness that you all are heading into this on an upbeat!

Yeah!!!! So many "good news" moments!!

Great news - and good job coping! We have never had more than a few months of unaccompanied assignments (and they were always while I was pregnant... hmmm) so I'm in awe of you for handling it so well with kids!

Ms. Dinoia, I read about the "cozy problem," and simply couldn't resist ( http://ergonom3.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/u-s-department-of-state-goes-sour-on-nipples/ ). Hope you are not offended. If you are, I'll take it down ASAP.

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