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June 24, 2012

I'm thinking an Etsy store...


The artist's self-portrait....

is it me (feel free to say yes) or are these THE cutest luggage tags you have ever seen?  Cait made these "Bag Tagz" for us the other day for our trip to Memphis.


Oh, yes, we are in Memphis for the week.  Kind of intentionally didn't mention and there is a blog post in progress on the whole situation.  The trip was very quickly initiated for a good surprise and thus far has been a lot of fun for all involved and only a few minor travel hiccups.  



In fact, this crazy trip had us all up, the car packed and in said car at 7:24 a.m. yesterday, ready to head to BWI for a day of travel one-third of the way across the country.  We are all still exhausted from the trip, but thus far have had a very good time and I even got NINE hours of sleep last night.  I shouldn't brag, but after 5 weeks of the UT thing (and little sleep), it was a welcome respite. 



Mr. Quinn

Back to the bag tags:  Cait wanted a way to set apart our luggage from other bags and loves to draw.  She has a very unique style and came up with the idea, drew the pictures, scanned them, printed them out, laminated them and attached to the suitcases.  The only problem is that they were attached with ribbon and three went missing during our travels. They can be easily re-created, though, and we may add more info on the other side and use those vinyl ties instead of ribbon.




So, what do you think?  Oh, and for those who think it might be *too* personal, remember it's not an exact likeness and it could always be changed according to your specifications....thinking perhaps this could be her summer job!




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Love them. I'm thinking a craft the next time we are counting down the days until we see Grandma and Grandpa!

Super freaking cute! Love them! Have fun and I am SO jealous of your nine hours of sleep! I can't remember the last time I got to sleep that long. Though I shouldn't complain - Matt let me take a nap this afternoon, AFTER the kids had already napped. That was pretty awesome! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

She's very talented. I would totally buy those!

I think that a certain aunt and uncle would like a set of these :)

Those are awesome!! I would buy some for sure.

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