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June 13, 2012

It's finally here...

the day you have been waiting for, oh-so-patiently.  You may remember reading about it last year and thinking, will this day ever arrive?!

Now, I know I was not aware at that time that our lives would change so much by now.  I had no idea that Peter would be somewhere over there right and had totally planned something different for this day, until the unaccompanied tour happened.

Since he is there,  we are slightly limited in the celebrating that we can do.  Therefore, I ask you to join in to help us make this day truly special for Peter.  As you did last year (and he LOVED IT!!), please consider leaving a comment on the blog, sending him an email, a comment or DM on Facebook...whatever makes your heart happy.  

Should you be working with him in the same general locale or know someone who knows someone who remembers meeting him, feel free to give a shout out.  I know he will appreciate it!

Now, why all of the attention?  Well, because....


Lordy, Lordy, Peter's 40!

Img001Yep, the sweet little guy above is now an awesome 40 year old husband, dad, and all-around fab guy.

Here's to you, Pete.  I'm sorry we can't be with you today, so hopefully you are dreaming of happy times with Coldstone Creamery Oreo ice cream cake, balloons, festivities that will make your little introverted heart explode with craziness.  We wish we could be celebrating right along with you, but since we can't this will have to do for now.  We love you and miss you, but know what you are doing is so very important and we will have the bestest party ever on your first R&R!


Jen, Cait, Kelsey, Nicholas, Bailey (who misses sleeping on your head & stoking your cat allergies), & Theo (the guinea pig butler)

The birthday message would not be complete without the following from Nicholas Q.:




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How incrediby awesome! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday and thanks for taking one for the team. It is much appreciated...

My greeting pales in comparison to the videos above (especially the extra LOUD "Happy Birthday" part), but happiness to you anyway. Forty is the new awesome! From Narra, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Happy Birthday Peter, and thank you for your service. Hope you manage to enjoy the day, even without cake!

Happy Birthday from Jordan!

Oh HAPPY birthday to you! Thanks for your service ... and that of your family as well ... from Naomi and the family via India, Orlando and soon to be Singapore.

Happy Birthday from Bulgaria/New Delhi, Pete!!! Hope your first R&R is here in a blink!

Happy Birthday Peter from Taiwan.

Happy birthday Pete!

Happy Birthday Peter!!! Have a great day! Maybe there is no cake in Kabul... but there probably isn't an ice rink either. For my 40th, I got to go ice skating... for the first time in my life. Had to teach my then 4yo to ice skate at the same time - without maiming or otherwise hospitalizing either one of us - talk about birthday party pressure! ;) You can save your celebration and have an 'un-birthday party' on R&R!

Happy Birthday wishes from the US/Mozambique! Hope the days pass quickly til that first R&R/birthday celebration!

Happy Happy Birthday from Brazil! Thanks for all that you do - serving your country - and taking such great care of Jen and the kids!!!

Happy birthday to you from our family! Thanks for your service. We hope the time flies until you are back home for a visit.

Happy birthday, Pete! We love your family, and hope everything is going well for you!
From Sri Lanka. We're practically world neighbors, right?

Happy Birthday from beautiful, exotic Falls Church, VA!!!Good wishes from Jane and Ed.

Happy Birthday to my very special brother-in-law! Your brother and I will be thinking of you on this most special birthday. Let me know how 40 is. I'll be there in September (which... wait for it... will always make you older than me!). Love you bro!

Happy Birthday Peter, from sunny Jeddah! Thanks to you and your family for your service in Afghanistan - we all greatly appreciate the sacrifice! Have a Kabul-tastic birthday!

Happy Birthday from hot&sunny Egypt from the Dray family!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday from Cherry Hill!!!

Happy, happy birthday from Jerusalem!!!

Happy Birthday, Peter, from sunny southern California, where the marine layer has rolled in and it's all very grey and chilly. Hope you have a great day! Forty is the new thirty, things are just starting to get interesting.

Happy birthday, Peter! We love your family, hope everything goes well!
From Sri Lanka. We almost world neighbor, right?

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