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June 30, 2012

It's like a sauna in there....

thus we are no longer at home.  In fact, we are in a hotel in Chantilly.  I reserved a room out of sheer desperation today after realizing that not only are we not going to get power for a few more days, but apparently, I have a low tolerance for 90 degree days IN my house.  

Ironically, we lost power in the craziest thunderstorm I have seen in years only 3 hours after we returned home from our week long sojourn to Memphis.  I was juuuust about to pat myself on the back for the fact that we all survived (and did fairly well) on said trip. (Okay, I know 3 kids, one parent, two planes and 3 airports is not much to brag about, but I have good reason, I promise...).  The house even seemed relatively cool when we arrived home, despite me not setting it too low while we were gone.

Then the flickering of the lights started just as the girls and I were settling down to watch a movie.  It kept up and within minutes, turned into a 100% blackout.  By morning, we had lost phone, too.  Mind you, all those nasty winter storms?  Nope, we didn't lose one lick of power.  Smooth sailing...well, guess it's our turn now!  So, I thought we could tough it out and then I realized...that's just stupid.

Our house is as hot as the 9th circle and won't be getting cooler for several days, as power is expected to be out until at least Monday, if not later.  I held out on the hotel thing and finally, this afternoon, realized that was just dumb.  I have three kids who were sweltering last night (sleeping in the basement, mind you, with only the screen door closed) and it's just not worth it to be miserable.  While we can cook, it seems our fridge is warmer than our house and let me tell you, coming by a big ole block of ice in NOVA?  Not gonna happen.

I ended up getting what seemed to be the last hotel room on the planet and had grand visions of a fabulous stay...until we arrived and realized the last room is a smoking room. Yuck.  It's not as bad as it could be, but I instantly scanned the Marriott site, found plenty of places with open rooms for tomorrow night, secured a room for two nights (just in case) only 15 minutes from our house in a non-smoking hotel, and then canceled the room here.

Call me a wimp, but it's 73 degrees in my stinky smoking room and I'm nearly delirious with delight.  I'll be even happier tomorrow night in a less stinky room, but I'll take what I can get for now....


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Smoking rooms - BLECH! - but you are right about not being choosy for a night. Stay cool and safe.

OMG...thank god the hotels have air conditioning!!!

Yikes! We've been lucky - didn't lose power. With a 4 month old at home I am extremely grateful for that...

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