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June 14, 2012

You guys


Each and everyone one of you who took the time to send a special message to Pete, to leave a comment here, to bake him a cake (yes, true story, is that awesome or what?!), post on Facebook  or call him, are fabulous.  He is normally a bit shy and retiring (just like me...two peas in a pod :-), but he was thrilled by the outpouring of birthday wishes and truly feels like he started off 40 in a great way.  Now if only the watch that I sent him (which arrived ON his birthday, miracle of miracles) had not been broken...

The watch business aside, 40 is looking stellar for Pete thus far and I have you  to thank for it. We have so much appreciation for each and every one of you for making us laugh, cry and feel a little less lonely on a special day.

Next assignment:  Father's Day! 

Just kidding (maybe)!



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