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July 08, 2012

A quieter house

we will have this week, thankfully only as Kelsey has gone to camp.  Yes, that sentence might sound a bit strange, but not long after we dropped Kelsey off at her Girl Scout camp, I had one of the scariest times of my parenting *career* (if you will).  I'm debating whether I will blog about it or not, lest my parenting license be pulled despite everything being just fine.  Mysterious enough for you?

There is no mystery, however, regarding Kelsey's excitement about camp.  She helped plan, sort and pack every item for her trip.  She let me label (might I say how I LOVE Mabel's Labels...so easy to use!), while she folded and sorted things into Ziploc bags.   Now, I'm not a fan of things plastic, but I must admit the Ziploc idea turned out to be fantastic, especially when it began to pour the minute we arrived at Camp!

She sorted outfits into days of the week, picked out special accessories, chose special recipients for pre-addressed cards, and carefully packed her toiletries.  We labeled all of the Ziplocs, piled them into the camping backpack and small rolling bag, loaded up the pillow and sleeping bag and off we went!  Oh, and if that seems like a lot, it is only as it is what was requested.  There was a full page with at least 6 lists of items in very small fonts of what they were to take to camp.


I swear the pack weighs more than she does, but she hefted it with no complaints.

Now, Kelsey has done her share of campouts, sleepovers and long visits to relatives, but this is her first true full week at sleepaway camp.  I'd say I was worried (I was a sniveling mess for the first 13 of 14 days of my first sleepaway camp experience at age 10), but on the ride out there, she requested to ride the bus home rather than have me pick her up.  If that's not a good sign, I don't know what is.


Oh, and when she walked off to her cabin with her counselor, she did not look back once.  Nick and I watched until she was well in the woods, but not so much as one more wave.  It made me a teeny-tiny bit sad and extraordinarily excited for her at the same time.  It will be strange not to talk to her for 6 whole days, but I so can't wait to hear about the week...and so glad she has the confidence to go!



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I hope she has a great time!!!

How she has grown and flourished since her very first sleep over at our house (which seems like ages ago)!

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