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July 22, 2012

Could time fly

any faster?  Peter arrives home next week and there is still so much to do before he steps off that plane.  My project list is a mile long and between the cars being in and out of the shop every other day, the a/c going and just the busy-ness of life, I'm just not getting that much checked off.

The upside to that is forgetting, at times, that he is gone.  I remember quite clearly when it's ladies night out and I can't get a sitter (IFTA has Cait zonked during the week) or there is an event that he should be at and his absence is, well, noticeable.  However, now we are so used to it just being the 4 of us that I have a feeling we are going to have a bit of adjusting to do when he arrives home for his *visit* next week, as Nicholas has aptly termed it.


When we aren't going nuts trying to complete projects or just being busy, we do manage to carve out time for fun days.  Last week, we joined other members of a playgroup at the Be With Me Playseum in DC.  



Working the pizza oven
Pizza anyone?

Wow!  What a place!  Seriously, this is a great little (but seems spacious) play museum for kids.  Located in a bustling area of Southeast, it is easily accessible by Metro (4 blocks from the Eastern Market metro) and covered parking is just around the corner (75 cents for two hours).  



Kelsey & Abe.


I really didn't know what to expect when we arrived, but was very impressed.  The middle area is a welcoming landing where they sell entrance bracelets, snacks and one can also purchase play dollars for bakery treats.  To the left is a separate room with a sand play area, which also has a stairway to the upstairs.  One can head up and visit a mini grocery store, Grandma's attic (complete with a typewriter EONS older than me), a mini wax museum with a lifelike Abe Lincoln, a dollhouse/dress-up room (well, dress up is in nearly every room), a cowboy room and I am probably forgetting something...


He passed every item over the cash register and made a "beeping" noise to simulate the scanner.

Downstairs houses among other things: a pizza parlor, an open play area (with a real Kayak, water not included), a toddler play area, and a bakery where children can decorate fake (or real!) cupcakes and/or blend a smoothie.  The kids had a great time and while we did not stay as long as we might have due to rumbling bellies (they do have a small "cafe" where kids can nosh on treats brought from home) and an early closure, we will definitely go back.



Lots of "Ride-em, cowboys!"

Did I mention the owner helped the kids with the cupcake decorating?  Nothing makes kids feel that much more special than watching the *boss* really enjoy her job and meet with her constituents, if you will.  I can't say it was a downide for us, but it is in DC in a converted house, so be prepared for lots of steps inside.  There is a stroller room, so no worries if you happen to walk or metro and need a place to park the pram.  ` 

This week? No idea what is on tap other than meetings (yep, several weekly it seems) , a doctor's appointment (hopefully it's nothing, but there's just a little something I need to get checked out) and trying to plan some sort of vacation before you-know-who arrives next week...wish me luck!



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What a great find! We will have to check it out the next time we are in the area!

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good share!~happy day!wow!a doctor's appointment (hopefully it's nothing, but there's just a little something I need to get checked out) and trying to plan some sort of vacation before you-know-who arrives next week...wish me luck!

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