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July 13, 2012

Fight the bite!

Angry about the new Oakwood policy regarding pets?  Worried this will be financially draining or cause you even more angst about a long-term training stay in the DC area?  Please send your concerns via email to AFSA.  The more people that write, the louder our voice will be!

AFSA's email address:  member@afsa.org.  

From one concerned pet lover to many more...thank you!


Please note that Oakwood's pet policy on the Falls Church page simply says:  pets allowed with a 2 pet maximum. No indication of the costs involved or that anything has changed.


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Done! I am appalled by this new policy. It is extortion, plain and simple. Not to mention it's not even a market standard! First the airlines, now Oakwood. What DoS service provider will be next in the war on pets? (May I also say that I completely agree with the original, nominal, pet deposit as well as direct billing for any pet-related damages. This, though, is many steps too far.)

What's the new Oakwood policy on pets? I'm in Oakwood and haven't heard anything! (I don't have a pet, though, and am moving out in August. As much as I'd love to have a pet, we just won't do it as long as we're in the FS...at least not a pet that lives longer than 2 years.)

Never mind. I just saw your earlier post -- I was reading backwards, chronologically, in Google Reader.

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