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July 29, 2012

In just about 58 hours,

a certain someone is going to waltz stumble through our front door.  Someone who may even not have a set of keys, as he certainly hasn't needed them for the past 9 weeks, 6 days and 3 hours, though I'm not counting, really, I'm not.

Peter arrives on Wednesday morning at some God-awful early time and I promised him a stretch limo with a bar money for a taxi in his bank account.  Nice of me, eh?  I figure since I've been holding down the fort all this time, it's the least I can do.


Swim team is over :-(, but it rocked while it lasted!

I'd say we'd have a welcoming crew up and ready, but they are pretty keen on sleeping in these days when/if they can. After all, swim team only just ended, IFTA is still going on for another week and one of us has summer fun camp TWICE this week!  So, we will see what happens, though I'll hopefully be up with at least enough energy to brew a cup of coffee so I can stay awake to watch Peter fall asleep on the couch five minutes after he gets home.  At least I will know things haven't changed?


Oh, and that's such a good thing.  Might I say now, barring anything that happens over the next two days (lest I jinx myself), that thus far things have gone rather smoothly?  Whether it's the kids or just having so much to do, this tour has been so fast.  It seems like he just left and already we are looking at the commencement of his first R&R.  Next thing I know, the movers will be pulling up, so if time could slow down a wee bit, that's a-okay with me.  And, yes, even on an unaccompanied tour.  

Yes, there have been nightmarish, crazy days.  However, days when Peter are here can be just as insane. In fact, I remarked the other day that this tour has been easier, yes, EASIER than his 3 years on Secretary's Detail.  If you want insanity in a schedule, that's the tour for you.  This, thus far, has been a cake walk compared to that.  Having pre-set R&Rs that no one can interrupt?  Amazing!  In fact, this may well trump any DC-related tour since we manage to have more time to talk when we are both awake even being 8.5 hours apart time-wise. Who'd a thunk that?

Sad to say it's taken a UT to give us quality time, but at least thus far it hasn't appeared to hurt the kids. Nicholas keeps talking about how Peter is "coming home to visit and then go back to his hotel" (I think the word "hooch" is just beneath him) and is happy to have conversations lasting a whopping 32.5 seconds before he runs off to post yet another Lego Police chase video to my twitter feed (and thus Facebook) with the important message of "EXXXMODOIOSIJHS!"

I'd worry about Cait except that she is busy finding herself in her drawing (or has found herself, I don't know, conversations are short at best) and thus is totally occupied and far from miserable.  Kelsey went so far as to ask me the other day to be sure that Peter does NOT wake her up when he gets home, as she needs her sleep.  So, guess, uh, the kids are okay?

And with that, I'd best hurry off, as I only have 48 hours or so to make the house look remotely decent. Better start with that pile of bonbon wrappers by the couch....

(As if, everyone knows I'm a Ghirardelli dark chocolate square kinda girl!)




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I am glad it has gone so smoothly for your family. I agree that I would rather deal with an UT tour than a SD or DC-post. I like having uninterrupted time in those R&Rs! Hope the next few days slow down enough that you can get everything you need accomplished and yet go by fast enough that Peter is there safe and sound!

so lovely! we will see what happens, though I'll hopefully be up with at least enough energy to brew a cup of coffee so I can stay awake to watch Peter fall asleep on the couch five minutes after he gets home.

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