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July 12, 2012

Taking a bite out of pet owners...

Yep, as if the whole kerfluffle with United wasn't enough, we have this lovely bit of breaking news:


There is an update to the pet policy for all Oakwood and ExecuStay apartments, effective 08.01.2012 :  any new reservations will have a new pet fee; for guests already booked, the current fee will apply as booked initially.

  • There will be a non-refundable pet fee of $ 400.00 / per pet (2 pets max) along with a $ 4.00 /day pet rent charge per pet for all long term stays. (30 days +)
  • For any short term stays (less then 30 days) there is a $ 10.00 / day pet fee
  • Please note, the policy of weight and breed restrictions still remains


This was posted on the Oakwood page today (for the direct bill/overseas lodging program) and already has pet owners up in arms and even more frustrated.  With little notice, the fee (non-refundable) has been upped by at least $100 (I heard it was last set at $300) and now there is the added bonus of a $4/day pet rent for long-term stays!  Mind you, there are already breed and size restrictions, so you are not likely to run into Cujo in the hallway anyway.

Truly ironic, as just today I was visiting a friend at Oakwood and thinking what a nice set-up it is.  Pool, tennis, grills, lots of stuff for kids, families, singles and, yes, they accomodate pets!  

Well, if you can afford the ransom.  I am not against fees for pets, but think anything over $150 needs to be at least partially refundable. Why should you have to pay a fortune if your pet did not cause any damage?  I understand a modest amount for cleaning, but almost $1500 in pet rent for one pet for a year-long stay?  Quite honestly, sounds like a huge scam to me and I would not be surprised if this caused a number of people to rethink their stays at Oakwood and stay at other more family-friendly locales (since our pets are our family members).  I know I would....

Oh, and you needn't worry, this issue is being tackled by FS pet advocates!




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Where is this on their site? I scoured it, but couldn't find the updated policy.

Luckily we booked before the change, so it doesn't apply, but with 2 dogs and a 7 month stint there, that would be an extra $1,600 or so ($4/day/dog for 2 dogs over 7 months is a lot of money). Where is this coming from, and does State know that they changed their policy? Maybe it's time to mobilize again, especially since we're their MAIN client in the D.C. area... and are probably responsible for 10% of their annual revenues.

Wow. This is incredibly frustrating - the hubby stayed at the Oakwood during training, etc, and we were always happy with the amenities, family stuff, and pet friendliness. Now...not so much. "Pet Rent"? A daily fee in addition to a substantial non-refundable deposit? Standard apartment rentals (whether short-term or long-term) typically charge refundable deposits, not increased rent. In all fairness, children probably cause more destruction to Oakwood property than pets. What next, Oakwood? Kid deposits and increased fees for parents???

I agree with the other Heather! We just left Oakwood last month with our dog, and going somewhere pet-friendly was a major plus. Now this?? Myles was quieter and cleaner than any of us. grrr.

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