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July 11, 2012

Three weeks from today

a certain someone will be home from his *work* (as Nicholas calls it) and honestly, I don't know if I am ready!  I have a laundry list of items I still need to tackle and feel like time is passing so quickly.  One minute it was late May and now it's nearly mid-July.  The days are running away from me, if not sprinting.

Granted, it's only been 7 weeks, but somehow it seems longer.  We are midway through Kelsey's sleepaway camp, Cait deems IFTA "okay-ish" (it exhausts her and she goes to bed early and gets rest: I LOVE it!) and Nick is attending 'Summer Fun Care Camp' at his Montessori at least twice a week.  I have weekly meetings (if not more) for AAFSW, trying to catch up on house issues (plumbing, a/c, finally got door trim painted today), getting car repairs handled (how is that easier with only one person managing?), remembering to make dinner (whether or not kids remember to eat or stay awake for said meal), laundry, work on donations & decluttering, trying to plan some semblance of a vacation and remember that Peter's visit, while nice, will turn us upside-down yet again.

Oh, and two weeks after he leaves, school starts already!  Insanity.  It seems like school just ended and soon things will be starting up all over again...including, if things go well, school for me at FSI.  Yes, I have *decent* Spanish, but I would like to be truly fluent, not just able to get by (translation:  Be able to speak in more than one tense).  Barring any issues with me getting a spot,  I will hopefully start classes in the fall or early spring (worst case scenario).  My volunteer work with AAFSW is growing and getting more intense as we have the following coming up:

  • Happy Hour at the end of July!  
  • Another UT Happy Hour in September!
  • Art & Book Fair (yes, October will be here before we know it!)
  • The very popular TCK panel? Look for another one soon...and so much more.

I am glad we have so many initiatives going on right now and must say, it definitely keeps me far more involved than I expected.  Who has time to be lonely when one is crazy busy?  Then there is the PTA, the Girl Scouts, me trying to fit in any exercise and, oh, trying to think a wee bit about next year's move while fitting in a modicum of social events.

Yes, I'm exhausted.  It's a good exhausted, though, as I feel like not only am I accomplishing things while Peter is gone, but the kids are fine.  They miss him, but just keep going, having fun and enjoying their summer.  I don't stress about some of the normal UT issues, as they are just going with the flow (as intense as it may be) with me.  I can't ask for much more than that, can I?



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Hurrah!!! Sounds like it's a great summer to me. Hope to see you soon!

Sounds like you are "holding down the fort" fabulously!! Great job! Here's to hoping the next few weeks pass quickly and then the ones after that drag! :)

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