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August 05, 2012


And how I sort of, kind of of made it in a way....for a few minutes, and that's what counts, right?

I know, originally I planned a fabulous weekend away for myself.  *Originally* occurred prior to Peter changing his R&R plans and being the apparently clingy spouse that I am, I could no longer imagine taking up to 4 days out of Peter's 18 days here to spend on myself.  I won't get into the fact that with all of the home & car repairs going on, I also didn't want spend a fortune on hotels and travel.

Then there was the whole vacay thing.  What would we do, how would we manage?  I know, seems petty, but when your husband has been in a war zone for 10 weeks, it is kind of nice to take a real break when he gets home, no matter how short. We went back and forth on what to do, and finally just decided to give up on anything too complicated and go with a few days at the beach.  We were really too late (and short on time) to do a rental, so we are sucking it up and staying in a hotel in Chincoteague for a few days next week.  Oh, but the BlogHer thing...

So, I really wanted to go to the VOTY reception if nothing else. I felt like I earned my night out by being named an honoree and wanted the chance to at least stop by.  I had no idea what to expect and was so overwhelmed just by New York City (nope, could never live there...any other city, yes, NYC?  Nope.)

I digress, though.  After numerous (and I mean NUMEROUS) discussions, we finally decided that we would drive up to NYC Friday morning, I would arrive in time to hear the readers and attend the reception and then we would head up to Massachusetts the next day.  That would give the kiddos time with Pete's parents while we have a romantic getaway at the Residence Inn.  It sort of worked...

until we hit the MOST insane traffic trying to get to the city.  What should have taken 10 minutes took a good 1.5 hours?  Just trying to get to the Lincoln Tunnel was a nightmare.  Once we were through, we headed in, found the hotel, checked in and I was ready to primp and preen.


The Boy was beyond excited to see New York City at long last.

Once I felt a bit refreshed, we headed out.  Pete and the kids dropped me off at the Hilton and they went off to find dinner.  I went inside, had a sinking feeling about registration times and realized I missed the registration desk by 16 minutes.


Luckily, another attendee had similar circumstances, started pleading with them ahead of time and lo and behold, the tech guy there let the registration folks know that the system was still up and we could get our badges, tickets and head in.  Whew.

I went upstairs, figured out where to get a glass of wine, a few appetizers to nibble on and suddenly it hit me that I was there by my lonesome.  Ah, yes, the joy of trying to not look like the lonely kid hanging by the wall at the junior high dance.  However, I'd hauled rear there, gotten in despite the circumstances and was going to be darned if I was going to leave.  Lonely-looking or not, I was there to stay for the duration of the reception.


Some day I will have a real camera again...

Lo and behold, I did not spend the entire time texting Peter or checking Facebook.  I managed to make 3 connections and so glad I thought to take business cards.  Peter spent the morning creating and printing them and they came in handier than I thought.  Oh, and they were quite cute, even though he had a whopping hour to make!



So, I did it.  I went, I saw my name on a giant posterboard, had a night out, met a few new folks and did not completely hang by the wall the whole time.  Go, me!  I will say that should I go again (just don't know about next year with the move...though I'd love a weekend in Chicago), I'd have to go with at least a few friends.  I think it would make the whole experience a little less daunting, since we all know I am not Suzy Extrovert.


Photographic proof I was there!

Despite not having a full weekend away, I had a night out.  I saw my name on the poster, heard a bit of a few of the readers and got to walk through (a bit of) Central Park for the first time in my life.  Pretty cool for one night in the city if I do say so myself.



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I AM SO Sad I didn't get into the city to see you. I should have been paying closer attention. I'm laughing because my son lives right by the park and I could move into an apartment in the middle of that chaos in a heartbeat!

So glad you enjoyed your time at BlogHer!


I hope you get to go again next year AND I hope you get to go with a friend.

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