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August 01, 2012


Peter.  Yes, he's back! 

No welcome home sign is complete without a "Lego Police car."

He arrived at the crack of dawn (quite literally) this morning.  A bit early, actually, and the plane had to wait on the runway for 10 minutes as customs doesn't open until 6 a.m. (Huh?  Why have planes land then and know they might be early if....??).  Luckily, I tracked the flight from the moment he left Dubai. Kelsey and I took turns checking where his plane was when and trying to decide what he might be doing at the moment.

It turns out he was watching a lot of Hunger Games.  In fact, it was played THREE times.  Unfortunately, given he didn't read the book, I think he just ended up more confused.  However, he arrived home safely and that is all that truly matters.  Cait has already scheduled an HG tuturial for him, part I being focused on Effie Trinket (she confused him the most, oddly enough).

I decided (because I'm crazy?) that it would be a fabulous idea to meet him at the airport and surprise him.  It's a great idea when you actually have time to get sleep the night before.  Unfortunately, I was like a kid the night before Christmas and fell asleep at 3:00 a.m. only to have  to drag myself out of bed at 4:40 a.m.  Strong coffee got me going and by 5:05 a.m. the babysitter was settled on the couch and I was backing out of the driveway.

A side note:  I know what I was doing out at 5:15 a.m. on the Beltway, but what is everyone else doing? Had it not been 5 in the morning, there was almost enough traffic for it to be rush hour.  Does anyone ever give it a break here and just sleep? 

I managed to arrive 10 minutes before his plane landed and sat, paced, sat, paced and finally, they were in customs.  Peter had warned me that he would be off the plane quickly, as he was only bringing a backpack (smart travel move, btw).  I was just figuring out where to stand so I could truly surprise him when he walked through the automatic doors and stared at me.


Then I stared at him...or what was left of him, as the boy managed to lose a whopping 24 lbs in 10 weeks (yes, I suddenly felt very lazy).  So as not to embarass my kids, I'll not mention any long embraces or other types of greetings that would elicit an "Ew, gross!"  Given we were both exhausted, we turned around, headed to the parking lot and filled our heads with the wondrous ways we would spend the next 3 weeks of R & R. Mostly this involves sleeping for me and eating fresh fruits and veggies for Peter...whatever works, right?


No DFAC food here!


The best part of the whole thing?  This is his regularly scheduled R&R!  It wasn't interrupted for any could be disastrous medical crisis!  Other than that scary event a few weeks ago and the infection (which was just an infection, not anything uber-frightening), nothing happened!  I just did my solo parenting thing (okay, and all the car and house stuff...) but no major illnesses, no curtailments, no quick trips home because your life was suddenly turned upside down by something you prayed would be nothing....


The LG and his dad-guy.


So you know what that means?  I can relax and just enjoy our R&R vs. the awful mess that happened last time.  Yes, I definitely think the odds of a good R&R are ever in our favor....



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THAT is awesome, Jen!


So happy for y'all!


He looks great - and it sounds like you already have a fun few weeks planned.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

Yeah! He's home!!! Sure hope you can truly enjoy this R&R!

It seems that it is a picture of happy family. Best wishes for your children and have a happy future.

good post! i like it! wow!happy day! I can relax and just enjoy our R&R vs. the awful mess that happened last time. Yes, I definitely think the odds of a good R&R are ever in our favor....

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