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August 30, 2012

It's decided: I'm going to have a love affair

with my Crockpot this year.  Today was one of the busiest days I've had this summer and the day was totally saved by the forethought I had in crocking dinner.  Otherwise, I'd be a frantic mess, trying to get veggies chopped, dishes washed and dinner on the table, by, oh midnight?

Well, not really, but sometimes it feels that way.  Let's face it, while the kids help (heck, Nick fights to do the recycling...fine by me!), I am still going to bear the brunt of 'getting things done' around here, which will ramp up even more when school starts.   We made a rather crucial decision last night and I've realized I need to get the crock going in full gear.

We have had many intense discussions recently  and finally came to the conclusion that we are not going to opt for the R&R over Thanksgiving as we originally planned.  On one hand, it would be lovely and we *might* be able to travel.  On the other hand, after this past R&R, I know that trying to travel over a holiday and then go into a month of holiday excitement is simply not going to be a stelllar idea.  I  can see Peter leaving me the first week of December with cards to get out, Christmas to plan, gifts to make (I can dream) and then I would have to gear up to be the only parent available on Christmas.  He did offer he could Skype in for the gift opening, but really just not sure that is going to cut it.  I could see myself being a haggard mess before Christmas even rolls around, and speaking entirely in quotes from A Christmas Story.

Given that traveling over Christmas (the holiday itself) is not something we are up for, it seemed the only logical solution would be to delay his R&R until December, so he can spend Christmas with us.  By doing so, we give up Thanksgiving with him, but gain a holiday that would be terribly lonely as a single parent.  Ironically, on the last UT, the idea didn't bother me.  However, it seems each time I have some sort of personal tragedy (my mom dying, the blip), it takes me several Christmas Days to feel like myself again.  As much as I'm sure it's expected that I should sacrifice this Christmas, I just can't bring myself to do it.  So, unless something comes up to change my mind, we are penciling in a family Christmas at home.

Given that, we also head into a long stretch of Peter not being home.  The good thing?  It's fall, which always moves insanely fast for us.  One minute it's back to school night, then suddenly pumpkin patches are being visited and Halloween has arrived.  I still will have to come up with creative Thanksgiving plans, but even if we were to hang around at home, watch the parade and eat turkey by our lonesomes, I'm thinking we can get through it.  By the time he arrives home for the second R&R we will already be past the halfway mark and that in itself will be a good thing.

Well, and I have my new best friend, Mr. Crockpot, standing by to make my life easier on a regular basis.  If there is one thing I know I can't live without this year, it's his insanely fabulous way of taking my 6 or so ingredients and turning them into a delicious meal by dinner time.  No fuss, no muss, fewer dishes and generally the kids love everything he turns out.  Speaking of which, I'm thinking tonight's chicken & veggies roasted in a white wine sauce is just about finished...

Oh, and I am not above grovelling, so please feel free to send any fabulous crockpot ideas my way.  I have several websites I love, but am always looking to add to the list!




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I love my Crock Pot! So much so that I just wrote an article about it actually: http://lavieoverseas.com/2012/08/23/published-crock-pot-recipes/. I find a lot of good recipes on Skinnytaste.com (Crock Pot and regular).

Post your recipe for the chicken in white wine sauce? We're gearing up for an anticipated next year in DC with both of us working = crockpot every night.

Natasha, I saw the article and will be trying the curry!

Lynne, Will do! I have an additional recipe that can go with the chicken, so will add that as well.

I'm going to find love

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