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August 28, 2012

We are not really umbrella

folks anymore.  We used to be, then moved to Iceland and after several literally exploded (and/or blew away), we gave up.  However, I inherited these two little umbrella stands from my mother and while we actually do have an umbrella in one stand, the other one stood by lonely as could be, until today, when I had a flash of brilliance.  I mean, what Star Wars afficianado doesn't need a lightsaber stand in their house?

I must say, the whole happiness of the lightsaber storage debacle being solved also kept me from thinking about other issues.  You see, despite my completely uplifting post from last week about how the UT can be such a chair of bowlies at times, well, it's been one of those weeks.  I can't really describe it other than to say...blah?

Perhaps my big mistake was what I did last night. I *thought* I was being all ahead of the game and tried to plan out future R&Rs.  You know what?  Sometimes it's just depressing.  I mean, really, thinking about it still being 12 weeks until my husband comes home for a whopping 18 days, then leaves again, then 12 more weeks, 18 days...you get the picture.  After this whole recovery from the last R&R (just for me, mind you, the kids are fine, of course), I'm ready to chuck the R&Rs and just finish off the year and be done with it.  I'm sure I'll change my mind later, but there has got to be a better answer.  

I'm not denying the necessity of UTs, but when will this end?  When we will go back to the UT not being the norm?  Or when will systems be put in place that allow families to at least automatically be placed closer to loved ones?  

You see, I have this lovely idea about this magical system that let's folks go to a follow-on post (closer to the UT post, than say, DC) a year ahead of time.  They are so close to the person doing that RRBs are also possible.  And then...the family is already at the next post!  There is no quick move, no up in the air for months bidding...and the kids are settled and happy!  In fact, theoretically, a move or two is prevented since the family didn't need to go elsewhere for a year, adjust, pack up and move again.

Oh, I know...it's a pipe dream and I shouldn't do that crazy outside of the box thinking that I like to do.  Maybe it's the overwhelming quiet at night (I need to find a white noise box with a "snore" setting) or the being on duty every minute of the day for 9 more months. Or maybe, just maybe, all of the separations over the years...from Peter having to travel while Cait was 3 days old (and hospitalized for jaundice) to (insert 14 years of chaos) to this UT have just me worn thin.  

Let's just hope that's it's temporary blahdom and maybe by this time next week, I'll be so overwhelmed with school stuff and such, I won't remember what I was whining about today....fingers crossed.


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Frankly speaking, they really look like umbrellas, bright colors, so funny and interesting.

I love repurposing items for greatest utility ~ and what boy doesn't need a weapons cache! Great resourcefulness!! And as far as the State Department roller coaster ride -- I think after so many years and so many posts, it is very common to feel overwhelmingly road weary at times. What you gain in experience to smooth parts of moving and separation out you loose in enthusiasm to keep putting yourselves through transition after transition. Hang in there, and know that as with all roller coasters rides there is a lot of fun and thrills mixed in with the dread/fear/second-doubting/white knuckle/ and what were we thinking? thoughts.

Your transparency is always refreshing. Here's hoping a little refreshment comes your way as well. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the market to find an umbrella stand because we have got A LOT of light sabers and that idea is brilliant!


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