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August 18, 2012

Well, okay then

this time was a bit harder.  Despite the fact that Peter hasn't even boarded the plane yet, the R&R is officially over.  We thought we would cut our losses by dropping him off at the curb and as today had already been filled with:

  • "Do you have to go today, Daddy?  Can't you go tomorrow?"
  • "Why does he have to leave so soon?"
  • "Daddy, after lunch can we go home and do fun stuff together?" (This was the worst, as we were dropping him off at the airport after lunch.)

And we did, or so I thought, until as we drove away, Cait said, "Look at Nick!" 

I turned around and the Little Guy's eyes were brimming with tears and within seconds my eyes matched his.  Suddenly, but not unexpectedly, the family *unfriendliness* of this lifestyle hit hard.  R&R wasn't perfect (I didn't expect it would be), but it was 18 days of me not being the only parent and the kids having serious quality time with their dad.  I didn't *have* to do everything and I must say, it was quite lovely (when I wasn't feeling guilty, for whatever odd reason).

Now we must get back in our pre-R&R swing of things...after all it's only 12 or so weeks before Peter will be back....looking on the bright side of life, right?



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Oy. That just sucks. :(

Ouch. Thinking of you.

Very interesting article, you have a nice family

Thanks for share,

This is a nice story, I had the same situation, for my kind of job never I can devote sufficient time for my son, this is very bad, for this reason now I enjoy a entire day with my son and this make me feel so happy.


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