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September 11, 2012

Last week, we decided it was time to adopt

again and today we came home from AWLA with a sweet 3 year old (ish), 50 or so pound beagle/shepherd mix (sort of a best guess), temporarily named China.  Am I crazy?  Am I not going nuts with everything else going on?


She's already got the Nicholas anti-papparazzi thing down pat.

I'd say yes, but honestly, the dog has already added a measure of calm to the household.  I think we've all been needing something a little extra with Peter gone for another 9 months and this might just be it. I've been saying for a year or so that I was finally ready to get another pup...and just needed the push of the kids really being ready for it (you know, everyone out of diapers and all that jazz).  


I managed to sneak this photo in when she wasn't looking...

We knew we would adopt from AWLA as we love the work we do.  We are not particular about breeds (other than it being a mutt) and given our history with the shelter:  me working there, Kelsey attending camp, adopting Maggie and then Theo, and, of course, Kelsey's fab party there last year, we are quite fond of them.  I had a feeling it might take a few visits to find *the* one, and in reality, it only took two and we very nearly missed out on her.

We found one last Tuesday, but it turns out she wasn't recommended for homes with young children.  We thought another sweet girl had an application pending, but then as luck would have it (for us), the consultation for those in front of us did not pan out.  Woot!

We met with China and while she was a tad nervous, nothing we wouldn't expect.  The kids were thrilled, I was really hoping that I would have a new walking partner and we ended up leaving with an application pending.  All I need to procure was proof of Bailey's rabies, an email from Senor Dinoia approving the adoption and a *cat* test (to ensure China could tolerate cats).  By 2 p.m. today, I had the word that the adoption counselor had received the pertinent info and China passed the test with flying colors.


A few hours later, this sweet pup was home with us.  Despite a slight anxiety issue, she is settling in, eating, enjoying walks (Cait *can't wait* to walk her in the morning! Woot!), and terrorizing Bailey by simply panting in his direction.  We think Bailey is secretly hoping this is one of those dog-sitting gigs, and other than a few hisses, has not shown a terrible amount of interest.  Of course, the minute the dog tries to sleep on Bailey's recliner, all bets are off!



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Congrats on your new family member! I love AWLA. We adopted Oscar from there, who I now can't imagine life without, and we give them money each year for the good work they do. I particularly like to donate to their fund that helps families who can't afford it pay for vet care. We spent more than $6,000 on our last cat's vet care (but it bought us 18 more months of good quality life for her), and we know we are lucky to be able to make care decisions for our pets based on what is best for them and not what is affordable. Not everyone is so blessed, so I feel good about giving to AWLA.

Ahhhh! She's so cute!

So cool! Enjoy your newest family member - she's adorable! And three years old is perfect - no housetraining but still somewhat trainable as well as playful :-).

I particularly like to donate to their fund that helps families who can't afford it pay for vet care.

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