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September 26, 2012

The newbies are

keeping me hopping. And by newbies, I mean new companies that have come to my area (well, within a 10 or so minute radius of my house) and I am absolutely loving them.

For years, I had love/hate relationships with gyms. It seems I could find one that offered almost everything, but seemed too pricey or had everything, but was just a wee bit too far away.  You know, out of walking distance and just far enough in the car that made you not want to go every day?  Or there were parking issues (most recent gym), and the cost didn't seem commensurate with the offerings.

After my winter of discontent last year (not running due to surgery and/or weather), I realized I needed to get something going before the wintery weather hit.  While I have no intention of not spending plenty of time outside, I want a place to go where I won't have to worry about slipping on black ice if I can't run until 6 p.m. or not being able to see where I am going for the same reason.  I also knew I needed to break out of my exercise box.  My weight has settled around a certain number that is not a happy one and I am determined to change that.

Enter 24 Hour Fitness.  We joined their San Ramon location in Cali after trying and not loving a larger, more expensive gym.  24 Hour Fitness was technically within walking distance and at a price that was reasonable for both of us to join.  A pool, outdoor hot tub (open all year...it's Cali, after all), kids play area and plenty of workout space.  I loved this gym and was extremely sad when we moved back here and I was back to the old choices of either the super expensive place several miles away or the tiny gym with the lousy parking.  Tiny wasn't bad, but no pool, the parking was incredibly difficult and it was easily packed during peak workout times.

No such issue at the 24 Hour Fitness in Falls Church, which took the place of the old Syms in the 7 Corners area.  I got a discount card at the Taste of Falls Church and headed over on opening day.  I took a tour, signed myself up  (month to month, so no worries when I have to cancel), and headed upstairs for my first workout.  May I say the club is gorgeous?  The pool is on the first floor, with a nearby hot tub, steam room and sauna, and has several windows (no trapped in the basement feeling).  The upstairs is devoted to cardio, training, stretching and  more (full-size gym). You can get an app for your iPhone, there are newbie discounts on personal training and it's a nice, bright spacious space for a work out.

Did I bite on the personal training?  Yep, you bet.  I knew I was stalling in my weight loss as I needed to mix things up a bit.  I've worked out twice now with my new (very fit) trainer and while he is kicking my rear, it's in a good way.  I was so sore yesterday and found muscles in places I didn't realize existed. I could barely get out of bed today (despite 6 applications of Biofreeze last night), but went over and worked through (and got rid of ) most of my back pain.  I've also started tracking what I eat again and can even scan in bar codes on foods to make calorie counting easier.  Love that Lose It app!  Should you be in the Falls Church area and have even the slightest need for a gym...I highly recommend.

A nice coincidence?  As I am trying to work on my health from a physical perspective, the new Mom's in Merrifield opened at long last.  It's in the Mosaic District and conveniently located next to a Red Apron and Mediterrafish (a local, organic butcher & a new fish store).  Mom's is a grocery store after my own heart:  compact, eco-friendly, the brands I like (at excellent prices) and a wide variety of produce and local, fresh items.  Sort of like the farmers market, but with longer hours and a bit more stuff.  We are also planning on working with them on school events (for Kelsey's school) and they are as excited about that as we are!

Now there is also a new theatre, numerous restaurants, a gym, a new Target and several independent retailers that look interesting.  Normally I am not one into growth like this, but given the nature of the companies coming in...I'm glad to support local companies and save money. Now I just need to work on meal planning, so I can space out my trips to MOM's a bit more....





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kids play area and plenty of workout space. I loved this gym and was extremely sad when we moved back here and I was back to the old choices of either the super expensive place several miles away or the tiny gym with the lousy parking.

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