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October 25, 2012

Being that

Grandpa Kirk was in town last weekend, we felt it only proper that we do a bit of the touristy thing.  Well, truth be told, we'd planned this agenda item ages ago, as it is fall in Northern Virginia and we cannot pass up a trip to Great Country Farms.

Did I mention Saturday was utterly gorgeous?



It is the third year in a row we have managed to spend the day out there with the Salty Dog Crew (and extended family) and it was, of course, a blast.  We didn't manage every single activity, but Nick and Kelsey finally got to see P-Rex eat a pumpkin, Kelsey did the swing-thing, Nick hung out with Nate and Dad and I thought the place might shut down with Nick and Kelsey still on the bouncy pillow thing.

Oh, and Cait?  Yep, she went and had a blast hanging out with Nate in the playground and the cow train.  However, she also took some private time to read in a quiet area and I can't say I blame her, as it was the perfect day to read and laze a bit while everyone else runs around.


Of course we took pictures by the giant pumpkin and the ruler. I've posted pics from last year, as I simply cannot believe this is the same little guy from a year ago.  His face has changed so much and, seriously, when did that happen?


October 8, 2011

October 20, 2012....Seriously, is that the same Little Guy?!


My Kelsey D., just a wee bit taller (okay, several inches).

She is actually 5'8". The sign is tilted, so she doesn't get her full height credit.

And if you are wondering, I just didn't have the heart to tell Kelsey there is likely not a Great Country Farms in Managua.  Guess we will just have to make do with a weekend at the beach instead!



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That looks like so much fun. Nothing like that in Malawi. If we end up in DC I'm going to had to ask for a list of fun (typically AMerican) things to do with the kiddos. None of them can remember ever going to a pumpkin patch at Halloween.

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