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October 31, 2012

Boo...was supposed to be

the title of this post, but sadly the surprise was on me.

This Halloween started out as a gorgeous day, considering the recent weather.  My mood is significantly improved over recent years, and while I wasn't quite ready to decorate for Halloween on Labor Day, I certainly came around in the past few weeks.  Our abode was strung with lights inside and out, candles everywhere, scary skull and spider banners and, my ulitmate thrift shop find:  an awesome black candelabra complete with spooky candles in place.

The kids planned their costumes, as usual, and did a fantastic job.  Cait was a last-minute Batgirl, Kelsey a vampire (with makeup help from Cait) and Nick was a knight (I think he was jealous of his buddy, Nate's cool costume).  By the time the first trick or treaters rolled around, I had the candy ready, Halloween music going, the lights flickering upstairs (go eco-friendly light bulbs!) and the pumpkins lit. Nicholas happily doled out candy to the first few sets of children and couldn't understand why they should *only* receive two pieces.



In Jack & Janet's Halloween decoration extravaganza.

The Little Guy and Kelsey lasted (as I expected) about three streets (and not even complete ones).  We had an additional destination, an annual visit to our friends in Alexandria, so Cait continued to hand out candy while we were gone.  Jack and Janet always have a most awesome display, and even with the hurricane threatening things, Jack did a bang-up job getting everything ready in an afternoon.  Sweet Kelsey even offered a bag of our candy when she heard they were *running low* after, what, 640 visitors?!

Enjoying their hauls...


Bestest candy-hander outer ever!

All in all, Halloween was awesome. Not what you expect when you are a single parent and feeling like you roll from one holiday to the next.  This was fun and easy (probably as Kelsey did an amazing amount of decorating) and I really got into the spirit this year.  Perhaps the only sad part was the phone call I received this afternoon...


And I knew...I knew what it was...it happens quite frequently, when I just *know* what the bad news will be, whether or not it is expected.  And this was not expected...yet...but today, my grandfather, affectionately deemed "Grandpere" by my grandmother upon my birth, died at the age of 99.


Grandmere et Grandpere circa...1988?

99...seriously, 99 years.  I am sad that he is no longer with us, but amazed that he had so much time. He knew all of his grandchildren and met all 4 great-grandchildren.  He came to my baptism, my first communion, and my wedding.  He was completely different from my other grandfather (as grandfathers should be) but amazing in his own way.  So quiet much of the time, yet he exuded the sort of companionable silence that is never uncomfortable.  


Grandpere with a newly born Cait, September 1998.

Nick and I will be off this weekend, once I can work things out for the girls.  We will go for the celebration of Grandpere's life and remind ourselves that even though he is gone, we did have so many special times together.


Missing you, Grandpere.


Your Sport Buddy (a somewhat ironic nickname given my athletic *ability,* but I loved it)




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Happy Halloween and happy to hear it was grand! But sorry for your loss ;( It's always hard to lose a loved one, but so comforting to know they lived a FULL life. And his sounded long and lived. Keeping you close in thought.

I'm sorry for your loss. My grandpa died on Halloween several years ago, so it's always a festive yet sad day for me.

I am so sorry about your grandfather. What a long life, and it sounds like it was a great one. I am glad that you and Nick will be able to celebrate his life with those that loved him best.

And Happy Halloween. The decorations look awesome. I love the candelabra!

99, wow. Sounds like a wonderful man. So sorry for your loss, Jen. And especially that Peter is not with you during this time. Safe travels.

The kids look fantastic!

A wonderful tribute to Grandpere and two nice pictures. I'm happy we were able to do a four-generation picture on several occasions, to look back on and happily remember.

I am so sorry for your loss. How amazing that he lived such a good, full, long life.

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