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October 29, 2012

Hanging in there?

Yeppers, we are.  We had had somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 flickers, but no *outage* lasted longer than 5 seconds.  Yes, I realize we are still in the middle of the whole thing, but, here's the deal:

this is taking me right back to our last year in Reykjavik.

Remember this?


Cait & Josie investigate the remains of the trampoline.


Gale-force windstorms on a regular basis that shook the house...the wind whistled around what felt like an aluminum foil construction (in reality, a bit stronger) for hours.  In fact, the destruction above took place the night before Nicholas Quinn was due (due...not born!).  The kids can thank (and Pete can blame) the same winds for their only day off from school in 3 years.  No snow days (nope, not even with a foot or more of snow...but guaranteed sledding at recess), but they did get 7/8 of a day off in December 2007 when the winds were so high that flights were canceled out of Keflavik.  Now, if you want a windy day...well, if Icelandic pilots aren't flying, that's some weather craziness!

The winds have officially reached the point where they remind of that winter.  The house is quite sound and we don't hear that much, but the dog's extraoridinarily quick sojourn tonight was enough to give me that familiar feeling.  You know, the one that says it's time to skedaddle inside now?

Am I worried or scared?  Nope.  We dealt with this on a weekly basis, if not more, in Reykjavik that last year.  However, I'd also add that I won't be venturing outside for a long walk until the winds die down just a bit.  I'm grateful for my warm and cozy house (still with electricity!) and think I will enjoy the excuse to spend another day hanging out in my jammies.


I'm fairly sure fort-building was all the rage today....



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