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October 28, 2012

Sandy is coming....

and we are ready....I think.

We have an abundance of food, mostly fruits and veggies, stored in the fridge that should last for several days even without power.  I have bags of ice and empty coolers ready to go.  The car is gassed up and I've done tons of laundry the past few days.

We have a gas stove.  Barring a gas outage (which we have not had to date...knock on wood it won't happen), we will be able to cook.  I loathe electric stovetops and vow never to have one again if I can help it (and being able to cook during a power outage is invaluable).  


See? Is that prep or what?!


I have the car-jump thingy that can also charge my cell phone ready to go and oodles of candles and matches.  Kelsey has flashlights galore, Nick has tons of energy and Cait has volunteered to sleep through the whole thing, if need be (you have no idea the sacrifice).


Might as well enjoy the autumn scents...


Of course, we have water, and I won't have to worry about oodles of empty bottles in the recycling bin.  They claim recycling and garbage will be picked up tomorrow, but I genuinely hope they change their minds if it's remotely crazy.


Yep, I know...a water crock and stand just scream Foreign Service and to think I thought about donating them!


Last, but not least, perhaps the most important items that will help me through the next few days...


I swtiched to a dripper years ago, so only need hot water for a good cup...

I think given they canceled school at 2 p.m. today...well, the need for this goes without saying.


And if things get really bad?  I'm safehavening myself in the basement with my iPhone and Halloween candy.   Hopefully, this will all blow over very quickly, but if not, and you need me....just look for that trail of the candy wrappers....

(I'm not worried about us...but, seriously, folks anywhere near us...please be safe!!).


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Sounds like you're ready! Enjoy the storm from the relative comfort of your home :-).

Looks like you thought of everything! Hoping Sandy fizzles, but glad to hear that so many are taking the warnings to heart. Hunker down, enjoy the candy and be safe.

SAFE HAVEN iphone and halloween candy! I'm adding mine to our stash(es). Good luck toughing out the storm.

Great preparations! Most people probably not nearly as ready. You should get through it without any problems.

Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers!

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