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October 11, 2012

When I can't think of anything good to do

I Google things I shouldn't.  I also do this when I have weird pains and I utterly convinced that my arm is about to fall off due to a sydrome that I don't have but feel the need to stress about anyway.  

Tonight I had a few aches in my hand and despite doing 60 kettleball reps yesterday and a vigorous rowing workout today, I assumed the worst.  You'll have to guess (or make something up) if you don't know what it is that is worrying me as I can't even type the word...the thought of it ever happening worries me that much.  Anyway, I hemmed and hawed and finally Googled my symptoms and the worst case scenario...and

of course they don't match up.  Duh.  I knew that.  Guess what though?  It hit me that I had not Googled anything related to you-know-what in AGES. (Other than the non-medical blog stuff).  Go, me!  And, yes, it sounds silly, but a few years ago I was driving myself insane with Dr. Google.  Now I am looking up normal stuff like "awful black looking allergy thing on eye."  (Poor Pete has some awful bug bite/allergy thing going on...).

So, while I was stressing about that which I don't have, Nick reminded me just how adorable age 4 can be.  He knows Pete is coming home at Christmas, and has already secured an appointment for a post-gift opening light saber fight.  However, he forgot once again how long Pete will stay.

"So, Dad is coming home to open gifts and then is going right back to Afghanistan?"

Nope, he is going to stay for several weeks.

"Oh, GOODY, then I can sleep next to him that night!"

If THAT doesn't tug at your heartstrings, I don't know what does....that Little Guy...too awesome for words.



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I am the worst about self-diagnosing myself through the internets (specifically, Web MD). But everyone does it! Funnily enough, my one post that gets the most search traffic is about when I freaked myself out after my TB test for medical clearance. It's from everyone else searching about their own results (and probably getting freaked out reading my blog).

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