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November 06, 2012

Well, we are just all

tuckered out.  It's been a long few days.


Being a travel buddy is exhausting.


From the logistics of trying to plan to attend the visitation and Grandpere's funeral around 4 different schedules to the actual 510 mile drive, it's been nuts.  I kept feeling like I needed a little something else these past few days...like another me...or maybe that missing Dad-Guy?  I'm telling you, a tele-porter or some other gadget that could have *magicked* Peter home even for a few hours would have been insanely helpful.

That did not happen, though, but I did have several extremely thoughtful friends come through for me (yes, AGAIN, I know) and more waiting in the wings to help, and for that I am SO grateful.  While I would have loved all 4 (oh, heck all 5!) of us to be here, in one sense, given school is in session, it is much easier that I just came with the Little Guy.  Less for the girls to worry about missing and Cait got that appointment in with the orthodontist that she just could not wait to attend (not)!

I don't know whether Grandpere already has pull up there with the traffic gods, but there was another gift: the drive itself.  The Pennsy turnpike was not her normal beastly self and allowed us to just zip on through.  There was even snow in the Alleghenies which just sent Nick into a tailspin of excitement. Oh, what a travel buddy he has been...


Every travel buddy needs a sword, shield, and a chocolate muffin to keep the good *carma.*

I barely had to say a word during the trip, as the boy was so self-entertaining.  We had discussions on everything from the move to reviewing the entire family tree.  He reminded me how we had to ensure that the movers packed the candelabra, because we will need it next year in Managua.  He also pointed out that someone else will be living in our house, and we can't leave it there.  So, good to know someone is on top of that important stuff 8 months ahead of our move!

And the visit...it was nice in many respects.  A family reunion like we haven't had in ages, and while it was not the happiest of occasions, I feel as though we truly celebrated a life.  No, Grandpere didn't make it to 100 as Kelsey would have hoped (she desperately wanted to have a relative reach 100 years), but he came pretty darn close (Kelsey decided that she will live to 100 instead).

Love you and miss you Grandpere, but you made an indelible imprint in our lives.  You will never be forgotten...


The fam....






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I know the feeling well. It's a good feeling.

I am glad that you were able to have a good visit, and that everything worked out well.

I love that Nick is already planning the move for you. That makes things a lot easier. :)

Oh, and I was going through our pictures the other day and found some from when Nick came over to play, and Jack had taken some pictures of them playing. It was so fun!

Emily, thank you! I'd love to see the pictures, if you want to share via FB...and I know Nick is still excited about a future play date, since you guys are only a plane ride away!

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