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December 26, 2012

And MED says....

Class 1, baby!


Yes, perhaps the biggest Christmas gift of them all showed up in Peter's inbox today. No fuss, no muss, just a Class 1/Worldwide Available clearance for me.  I'll detail the process at some point, however, I have to say, it was not nearly as difficult or onerous as I expected.  Huge sighs of relief all around in our household tonight....


If you are completely and utterly confused, as you are new to the blog and can't possibly imagine why I wouldn't have a Class 1, you can review the beginning to the whole sordid story here.  If you have no idea what a Class 1 is or why one might want one, stay tuned.  More info to come in an upcoming post, but right now, I just need to celebrate before I'm out of date nights!


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Woo hoo! Faithful readers rejoice.

So happy for you!!!!

Hooray!! And although I appreciate the significance of a class 1, I am happiest for what this indicates for you and you health personally :)

Greatest news ever! Oh, I'm so excited and happy for you!!!!! A round of lattes for all!

Totally understand the process as a retired FS spouse and SO happy for you! Just found your blog via a Washington Post article. Love the candor! Wishing you continued health in 2013 and beyond.

YEAH!!!! WOOHOO!!! How incredibly awesome!!!

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