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December 05, 2012

It's been over three

months since I wrote the post about how I thought time *might* fly between now and Peter's next R&R.  In fact, it's been going so fast, that I've been wondering how to slow things down.  It seems just as we wrap up one holiday, the next is upon us.  And as I type this, I realize two weeks from today the entire family will be back together, as it should be.

We are already nearly 7 months into Peter's tour and instead of being stressed about him being gone, I'm stressing about the move!  It seems like we have so many things up in the air (schools, actual date of departure, when/where to buy our next car), that I have little to no time to actually miss him.  And the kids?

We are still on the Skype twice/month plan.  Even with phone calls, half the time when I ask Nicholas if he wants to talk, "No, thank you, " is the answer.  This doesn't bother me as to me it means the kids have adjusted well to his absence. They do miss him and talk with him, but given the time difference, it's not surprising they don't want to do it on command (and it would be a bad, bad idea to make them).  

Once Peter departs after his second R&R, we will only have about 4 months left in his tour and 3 weeks of that is his third R&R (yes, it's true, don't tell Nick, but we are likely doing Disney in Orlando).  After that, it's home leave which will encompass pack-out time and then our departure.  Last year, at this time it seemed like forever until we would leave for Managua.  Now I wish I could get the days to slow down just a bit...even with Peter gone, as there is just so much to do before we leave...well, at least we aren't bored...and in two weeks, together again, even if only briefly.


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Wow! Even to me...it feels like just moments ago you announced you were going to Managua -- and that it would be a loooong time until you guys actual left! Time does fly!! Enjoy this R&R!

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