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December 21, 2012

Status Quo

was the name of the game yesterday.  I had my annual exam with the breast surgeon and of course, my blood pressure was through the roof (124/69, if you must know...normally 90/69, white coat syndrome much?).   I was seeing a different doctor than usual (my breast surgeon was unavailable) and that just added to my stress.

The good news?  I nearly forgot about the appointment, as I've been so busy.  The bad news?  Well, there wasn't any.

In fact, I received compliments galore (again) on my skin care.  The new doctor was very impressed with the way I have taken care of my post-radiation skin and found nothing at all to concern her.  The only huge issue of the day was the proposed MRI.  The onocologist asked about it in August (no, I don't see her again until March), and it was basically up to the breast surgeon.  She was extremely ambivalent and finally said the decision was mine.

Given that I am lousy with decisions, I threw it back to her.  I said if she was fine with no MRI, I would be ecstatic with that decision.  Her take?

I'm just not high risk enough and there's a good chance insurance would deny it.

Good enough for me.  So glad yet another person feels like this is just a fading blip...and Merry (early) Christmas to me!



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Nothing to say but ::happy dance:: !!!!!! Now go enjoy your R&R!!!

Yey, for status quo!!! Merry Christmas!

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