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January 24, 2013


today was a sick day.  The boy was up from 5-6 a.m. with an earache and Kelsey was still congested this morning.  Being that I can't stand it when people are sick and go to work or school "just because" I figured it best to keep her home another day.  Of course, by then I wasn't feeling spectacular, partially due to lack of sleep and all three of us took a sick day.


Anyone recognize this snowsuit?  Yep, that 66 North stuff is built to last.
Now we also had a bit of luck last night:  it snowed!  Finally, the heavens opened and snow poured (weeelll) down and we had a slight accumulation.  Just enough to delay the start of school for two hours (pleased Cait to no end) and would have seriously complicated the day for the rest of us had we not already been under the weather.


Even with feeling slightly ill, the pull of the outdoors was too much for the kiddos.  By early afternoon, both were seriously ready to go outside for a bit.  Given that fresh air does a body good, I couldn't disagree.  We donned our snow gear and attempted to sled, but our sleds had suddenly disappeared.  We had to satsify ourselves with making a few snowballs, and shoveling a bit of the walk.  The fresh air did Kelsey's cold quite a bit of good and while it was freezing out, there was no way we were missing out on what could be the only snow day of the year (I'm not taking any chances).




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Glad you got some fun. My guy wakes at 5-6am daily now, without illness. I may have to flee the country.

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