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March 07, 2013

In all the excitement

of our recent sicknesses, finishing up classes, shipping out bazillions of boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and Nick's birthday, I almost forgot something very important:  I get to have surgery again soon!

I know, I know, it just wouldn't be my life if we couldn't throw the monkey wrench of a surgery into the mess of Pete's return, home leave, packing out, and moving, would it?  It's a good thing I remembered about it, as we meet with the surgeon April 3, and I have to remember to remind him to tell Pete that I will need no fewer than 6 weeks of utter relaxation post-surgery...which might just get me back to my normal self after this nutty year.

If you are wondering, yes, it's related to that of which we don't speak.  And we don't speak those words, because there's no reason to do so, right? I'm just fine, minus a little abdominal wall collapse which sounds, I assure you much worse than it is.  Unless it's mid-winter swimsuit try-on day and then it's just awful.  If you've ever wanted to see what half-pregnant (and by half, I mean 'on one side') looks like, I'm your person.

I noticed the issue late last summer, long after my last visit with the amazing plastic surgeon.  It seemed like I had a pooch on my right side that just wouldn't go down.  No amount of planking or running was helping (nor did 4 months of a personal trainer) and I realized I needed to do get on Dr. Google again.  I did, and found out that this is a fairly normal occurrence with a DIEP.  Not always likely to happen, but when it does, it needs to be fixed unless you really didn't want that tummy tuck you said you did.

Unfortunately, no amount of looking at the darn thing reminded me to call the surgeon. It wasn't until the whole thing with the cellulitis happened.  He was examing the scar, looked at my other side and jumped back several feet.

"When did THAT happen?!"

Er...somewhere between someone going to Kabul and me showing up in your office today?  Yeah, I had no response to that.  However, at least I had definitive confirmation that it was not supposed to be like that.  Even better, he then offered that it could be (sort of) easily fixed, possibly even with laparscopic surgery, to make healing faster.

I had already seen before and after photos online, so I knew exactly what he was talking about.  And, no way I am not getting full benefit of the ole 'tuck.  So, Peter called up, made an appointment and off we will go to learn more about how they will manage to reduce the circumference of my waist by 5 inches or so (well, that's my hope).  I'm also hoping this will end the painful sneezes, coughs and the like and make it look like all of the planking and yoga is doing something!  

Given that we are *hoping* for a mid-July move, I really want this out of the way in late May/early June.  Sadly, that might mean Pete has to do most of the pre-move work.  Oh, but I can direct him from the recliner...so that works, right?

So, that's it.  That's my big ole news.  Get another punch on the surgery card, which best be the last for a very, very long time....



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Not ever a dull moment in the Dinoia home, is there! Cheers to an easy surgery with a smooth recovery (and may the 5 inch smaller waist be an added benefit too)!


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