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March 22, 2013

My wee Nugget

is 11 years old today.


Just over two and a half and utterly adorable.
It seems like just yesterday, she was born with a shock of black hair and piercing brown eyes, and we could immediately sense her independent spirit.  Today she still has that commanding presence combined with a sense of style that must be from Grandma Kirk (we all know it's not from Mrs. Yoga Pants 2013). 


She may seem quiet, but it is more that she is deeply introspective.  She doesn't mince words and doesn't miss a beat.  She's my little outside-the-box thinker, writer, artist, and baker.  She has been dreaming about her birthday for months, yet Wednesday, when Peter arrived home and surprised her before school, she said his arrival was so exciting she almost forgot her birthday was imminent.


Good thing I found this photo, since that's a birthday gift *hint.*

Today will be lunch with dad, cupcakes, and special treats all around.  Tomorrow? Tomorrow will be one day closer to 12...and I can't wait to see what that brings.



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Happy Birthday! Sounds like you are having a great start to being 11!

Happy Birthday, 'Natrix!

Happy Birthday! That is awesome that Peter could surprise her!

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

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