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March 03, 2013

Today is Nick's

birthday party and we are a bit like headless chickens in the household right now.  I just finished up the second last-minute trip to Harris-Teeter (forgot ice cream and lemonade on my first trip...seriously, who forgets that?!).  I've also apparently not been to a grocery store on a Sunday morning in a long time.  Nearly had more trouble finding parking there than I would at church.  


From Nick's birthday celebration at his Montessori.

We (and, yes, of course the Salty Dogs are involved) have not done a party with so many kids in ages (for Nick).  In fact, it's his first party with classmates and he has been so excited for days.   We sent off the evites, ordered the cake, scoped out the party room at the nature center, have our contingent coming in from Maryland today with their awesomely green party supplies (the nature center sent us instructions on how to have a green party.  I don't think they've met the Salty Dog Party Planner before....they might be updating after today!).


We have a kid friendly menu of veggies with sauce, hummus, and pitas, fruit kabobs, pulled chicken w/slider buns (and sauce from Red, Hot & Blue, of course), cake, ice cream, and the crème de la crème of treats:  *from scratch* sugar cookies á la Kelsey D.

The only item missing?  Daddy.

In fact, last week Nick forgot that Peter would not be here and asked if he would be back in time.  I replied no, that he would not be back until it was closer to Kelsey's birthday.  Nick then asked, 

"Well, if we invite him, can he come?"

Oh, if only that's all it took!

Even without Dad-Guy, I think it's safe to say the LG will have an awesome 5th birthday party.  A nature center, 16 of his nearest and dearest (plus The Sissas), and food treats galore.  What more could an LG need?

Note:  If you are wondering, we did think about Skyping Peter into the party.  Even with the time difference, he would do it in a heartbeat...if he had a computer.  Sadly, his laptop died a painful death last month, so we have not been able to Skype for the past five weeks.  We will look into them once he gets back for R&R, but may just suck it up for the rest of the tour, as we really don't want to sink that money into a laptop for such a short time.  Especially considering the expenses we know we will incur in the move...gulp.


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