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April 08, 2013

The light at the end of the tunnel

is not only there, I'm about to smack my head on it.  Despite all of our reticence regarding sending Peter back to a rather dangerous area, we had our farewell (I hesitate to use the word last) supper at 3:30 p.m. before dropping him off at Dulles at 4:30 p.m.  I was absolutely fine until I noticed him getting a bit anxious.  I hoped it was due to traffic, but alas...he was just not terribly excited about boarding that plane.

Photo 2-2
I can't really blame him.  It's so very close to the end of the tour and we accomplished so much this time around.  In fact, it seems like he was here forever, hard to believe it was just shy of three weeks. How much did we get accomplished?


  • A family trip to Great Wolf Lodge and Charlottesville, both of which were interesting learning experiences.  GWL, well, I owe a post on it.  Not necessarily what I expected, but the kids loved it.  Oh, and just because it's "spring" break, doesn't mean you should leave the snow boots at home.


  • Doctors appointments galore.  In fact, I ditched my oncologist!  No joke, as I am not taking any medication (if you want to think negatively of me for this, do it elsewhere.  I have extraordinarily good reasons for not taking it nor could the oncologist find a reason to push me.)  We discussed Tabata intervals, yoga, moving overseas and she happily sent me off to enjoy my life and had no doubts I would be fine (and I feel exactly the same).


  • A new front hall closet!  Really, we finally Elfa-ized something in this house and it feels so good!  It's sort of a mixed design, but I found this idea online and just had to run with it.  I was so tired of no one being able to hang up coats or put shoes on the (too small) rack properly. It's already incredibly transformed the space even though it's still a work in progress.


Photo 1
Two shelves up top, three on the bottom for shoes, and hooks all the way around. Not quite complete, but already so much better!  


  • Scheduled more surgery!  Really, this is good.  I have, well, a hernia. My abdominal wall weakened after the DIEP and I've had a good sized bulge on my right side for quite some time.  I kept forgetting about it (except when trying to fit into any pants) until I saw my plastic surgeon in January about the cellulitis.  He about hit the ceiling and asked if I wanted to get it repaired.  Seriously?  We met with the surgeon today, had a very easy and quick appointment, and my repair is now scheduled for May 30th.  More good news:  while my yoga and planking may not have been helping to the extent they could, they were helping a bit and certainly not hurting...and I should be able to get back to them only a few weeks after surgery.

And now, I need to get some sleep as today I realized that 13 weeks from tomorrow, this house will be empty, our stuff will be who knows where, our car will be on a boat, and we will be on a plane to our new home.  Oh, and that light...after two extra unexpected years back in the States, and one of them being another UT,  I guess I really don't care if it bangs me on the head.  Just so glad it's finally there...


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Congrats on no meds and good luck with the few repairs ahead! Excited for your new adventure - also, we "elfa'd" our place when we came back 4 people into a 2BR place here in DC and it made a world of difference. Why don't I ever discover these things sooner?

yay yay and yay!

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