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May 12, 2013

It's been 8 years

since I have been relegated to simply writing about Mother's Day, rather than actually calling my mom and wishing her a happy day.  So much time has passed, yet in one moment I can pull up so many memories.  Not all fabulous, of course, she wasn't perfect, but that made her human and real.

So, Mom, assuming you somehow can telepathically get this message (you know that was one of your talents), Happy Mother's Day...and Grandmother's Day, since you have three insanely tall, beautiful, and smart grandkids.  In fact, sometimes I look at Nick and wonder if you didn't have a little input...that blond hair, those blue eyes, and his spirit!  It's like your spirit, when it was allowed to shine.

And since it seems like it's been a while, I dug up this fab photo of you holding me when I was a wee one.  Gotta love the hair and the dress, but can't say that I am not glad those times have passed. 

This is hard.  See, you were supposed to still be around...remember how you promised you'd live forever, so you could be that nagging old mom, grandmom, and great-grandmom?  Sigh.  Wish you'd kept that promise.  Then you would be here to impart to the kids your great life lessons.  

How you knew when to coddle a wee bit and when to back off.  How you never, ever judged or assumed about me and how you let me learn about myself and grow into my own beliefs. Reminded me that I needed to be my own person, and if I made mistakes in becoming that person, it would never change your love for me.

Sigh.  If I could just go back in time, fly home, and smack those idiot doctors who ignored your medical history, I would in a heartbeat.  I can't though...and I have only regrets about that.  Instead, here's a photo of a Little Guy who knows as much or more about you than his sisters.  

And despite the fact he's never met you, he loves and misses you.  We all do.










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She sounds like a great lady, who raised a great daughter. Thinking of you, Jen!

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