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May 17, 2013

It's like a little clue...

So, we have sort of something coming up soon.  Well, okay, it's today.  Kind of a celebration of sorts, except that not all parties will actually be together, thus hampering said festivities.  So, the real party or, say, fantastic getaway (yes, that is a hint)  might have to wait a few weeks.  In the meantime, we can play guess the event!

Could it be a birthday?

Well, no.  Not yet.  I know Peter probably feels a year (or maybe 20 years) older after his time in Kabul, but it's not here just yet.


Maybe it's Valentine's Day?

Duh, that was in February.  However, since I forgot to post this sweet memory way back when, I'll post it now.  After all, it sort of relates to today's general theme.  


Anyone care and try to guess the special message one of us sent to the other our senior year of college?  I'd give you a hint, but if you know Peter at all, this one's a no brainer.

Or...could it be...16 years?!


That's it!

Happy Anniversary, my love.  It's been 16 very fascinating years and here's to many more...


Oh, and one week...one week!  Woot!


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Congrats! And what's this I hear about a fantastic getaway...?

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