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May 24, 2013

Oh, I had the homecoming

 all set.  Despite the fact that I told Peter he could take a cab (even transferred money to him to look *legit*), I sent out a flurry of emails last night in order to get the kids out of school early so we could have the welcome party of the century at the airport.  

I could just see it: the sweet posters the kids made, the video that would have me tearing up, the way the world would just stop the moment Peter stepped through the doors after going through customs and then I remembered...

This is Dulles, for cripe's sake, I'll be lucky to squeeze in photos between the valet picking up "Astley" (could it be Rick?!) and the guy schlepping 6 precariously placed boxes plus luggage on the biggest cart I've ever seen.  Then there was the poor dog, clearly from the Lufthansa flight who was a bit over the whole travel thing and wanted the world to know all about it.  This left me staring off into space and all I could think of was China, who will be going through something similar in a few weeks.

I mediated arguments over why Peter's plane hadn't landed prior to our arrival at the airport, who got the last sip of vanilla bean Frappucino, why the straw was not going back in the cup after it landed on the floor, who got how much of the chocolate chip cookie, and why I really, really, really had to take photos of them holding up their welcome home posters.  Thankfully, customs was in high gear today and I only had to have Nick 'hide' behind one of the columns for 15 minutes or so, before Peter walked through the doors.  Oh, and sorry to those other unsuspecting Lufthansa passengers he might have surprised by accident, one has to practice, you know!  

Oh, and if you scroll all the way down, you will see my attempt at a very brief video of a little guy surprising his dad...


Photo 2


Photo 4
Take 1?


Photo 5


Photo 1
A close-up...and yes, the three of us have one long name.


Photo 3
A special message from Cait.



Photo 1
So happy together!


Oh, and that video?  I did manage to get a wee bit of one...




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Welcome home Pete! Enjoy your time together.

Glad he made it back safely. Even being delayed in Dubai for a few hours is still better than being in Kabul.

Did he tell you his last action in Kabul was to help his quiz team not win? He may have forgotten to mention that.

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