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May 13, 2013


No, I didn't write a whole book (saving that for a rainy day), but today, after months of hard work, writing, rewriting, edits galore, and swearing I was reviewing the last copy of my chapter for the final time, it happened:  AAFSW's latest book was published, with my wee bit of writing inside.

This guide to moving while in the Foreign Service is an amazing compilation of stories concerning the sometimes harsh reality of picking up your entire household and taking it to (most likely) another foreign locale every 2-3 years.  Whether it is preparing for a move (no matter what your methodology...completely organized to just randomly throwing stuff in a box), trying to prepare children for said move, adjusting to new locales, or dealing with sudden and unexpected loss, this is your must-read.  The authors spared no expense to bring you perhaps the most comprehensive, honest, and, yes, at times, gut-wrenching guide to getting through that craziness that is known as a permanent change of station.

Lest I spill too many of the beans, I am not going to divulge any more about the book other than to say that the authors and editors did an absolutely amazing job.  I know one of the editors in particular was insanely patient with me.  She was nothing but encouraging as I tried to complete my chapter while going to school full-time, being a full-time single parent, and dealing with everything that goes along with that.  I wish I could say my writing might be one of the more lighthearted pieces, but that's not exactly the case. However, you should finish the essay with the knowledge you need to tackle that special, yet sorrowful, type of move, though I sincerely hope no one else has to go through such a trial.

Without further ado, I present AAFSW's latest and greatest:  

The Foreign Service Companion:  Moving Your Household Without Losing Your Mind

Now, run off and read it already!  And, yes, you may purchase it paperback form or buy it for your e-reader and enjoy immediately.


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I'll be sure to get a copy and probably do a review over at my site as well.

By the way, it has been great working with your husband. He's very patient with all of my ridiculous questions.

Better get this! Thanks for sharing. This summer will be our first FS move overseas after two military moves. Always an adventure!

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