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July 11, 2013

Well, we are here....

But no regular Internet just yet, so this will be short and sweet. We have a great house (somewhere in Managua) that is beautiful, if not a bit confusing.

The other day Nick told me he wanted to play with Lego bricks in the living room. I went to what I thought was the right spot and he said, "No, not that living room...sigh...let me show you which one!" So, we are not lacking in space and three days in, I am still forgetting which room is a bathroom and which is a storage closet (plenty of both).  And did I mention the jetted tub in our bathroom? Um, yes, between the backyard, a huge expanse of gardening space and the spa tub, I'm so in my happy place.

The trip was basically uneventful, but I did have a minor worry on the ride home from the airport that I was suddenly overwhelmed and exhausted and what if I completely failed at this whole FS thing? It disappeared about 5 seconds later, when I decided I would just have to take it one day at a time (or maybe one minute?).

One of the kids also had a minor freak out upon arrival at the house. I won't say which one, because that won't help. We had a few tears, a few short talks, and nothing since then.  Sometimes they get bored, but that's okay since boredom generally sparks creativity.

The cat has had zero issues, and is settling in happily. He is rapidly testing every piece of furniture, and will be pleasantly (I hope) surprised when the dog arrives Monday night. Though her presence might interrupt his heavy schedule of napping and more napping....

And now I must go and figure out how to turn off the sprinklers...in the middle of a hurricane-like rain storm. Hasta luego!


Well, we are here....
Every table is a Lego table in our house and this one came with padding. Woot!



Well, we are here....
Our *fur-in* service gato trying to be way stoic about the whole moving overseas thing.



Well, we are here....
No one will dare sit here as no one wants to be responsible for disturbing the cat....



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Awesome! What adventures your family has had and will have! Enjoy life!!!!

I had to laugh to see my dining room table and china hutch in your photos! GSO furniture makes us all feel at home, no matter where we land. :)

"GSO furniture makes us all feel at home, no matter where we land. :)"

Our table is rounded but the hutch & chairs are the same in Manila!


What fun to see fS furniture again. (Not!)

OMG, that shiny dark furniture. Make it stop. But seriously, so glad things are looking good!

Welcome home!

can't wait to see a full tour of the house! good luck settling in.

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