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August 22, 2013

Little signs...

that our house is finally feeling more like our home. Yes, I know home is where the heart is, but sometimes it's nice to have a few items that just really remind you of your family and not just Drexel Heritage.


UAB or Unnacompanied Air Freight is finally delivered to our house nearly 6 weeks after it arrived in country. It actually beat us to the Managua, if you can believe that.



I had just unpacked this when he arrived home from school. Like Christmas...no, better.



After two months of waiting, I finally have my new tea kettle, a small moving treat.



Hours of play...hours. Best thing we packed in the UAB.

The cat also found a play spot.

Stroke of genius: thinking to throw the plasma car into UAB at the last minute. Nick, riding around our extremely not-so-traveled (and gated) street. The little hill just ahead leads to the large, flat area that is our driveway (and play space).



Last, but not least, today's DIY project: Nick's indoor playhouse. It's still in process, just needs a bit of decorating and a lamp, according to Nick.



China gives the playhouse two non opposable thumbs up.


The only thing that we discovered that had been lost yesterday. 



Yep, another tooth. Nick lost his other bottom front tooth while at school.

And the car?  HHE (boat freight/household effects)?  Well, the car is on a boat making its way here and the HHE has been here for several weeks, so it should only be a matter of time.  Now to enjoy a cup of coffee in *my* mug....


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Hooray for UAB! Six weeks isn't too bad of a wait. Love the tea kettle. I have slowly but surely been building a collection of Le Creuset items over the past few years (like, one or two items a year). I'm obsessed!

We have that same playhouse :) A year nto our assignment they still love it. Too bad it's still in Cairo.

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