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January 18, 2014

Today was a volcano day...

though unlike our trip to Volcan Masaya in November, we actually planned today's outing several days in advance.  We also didn't just peer into this volcano, we dove right in.

Well, waded in, jumped in, you get the picture.  Today was our first complete trip to Laguna de Apoyo.  We had visited before for the purposes of scoping it out, but hadn't actually spent an entire day there.  Oh, what we have been missing.

Today's trip was spurred on by the opening of a new beach club, Laguna Beach Club.  The owner is a friend of a friend and had a grand opening special.  For just $5 apiece (including a free drink), we could spend the day lounging in a chaise, hanging on the beach (a bit rocky, but nice shady spots), swimming in the cools waters of the lagoon, enjoying a fresh and healthy lunch courtesy of the nearby comedora or kayaking in the sizable freshwater-filled volcanic crater.  Naturally, we chose all of the above.  

We arrived just before 11 a.m. and were the first ones there.  We had no trouble finding the beach club and were impressed by the ample parking (often hard to find around the lagoon).  We were immediately greeted by the owner, and she gave us a tour of the club.  The scent of the freshly cut wood floors permeated the air as we walked.  Plenty of changing rooms, hotel rooms if one wanted to stay overnight, showers, very modern bathrooms but with local touches, such as stone sinks hand-carved and brought down from Esteli.  As one walks out of the hostel, there is a Zen garden designed by internationally recognized Japanese Feng Shui practitioner (and scientist) with a bridge over the garden that leads to the amazing view of the lagoon.

Further down the path and to the left is a small, but spacious bar where one can order breakfast, lunch or dinner from the comedora.  There is a bar for everything from Coca cola normal to caipirinas.  We each enjoyed a good-sized (but not overwhelming) meal and our tab for food came to just under $22.00.  Our bar tab for several sodas and a couple of dacquiris (virgin for the kids upon request) was just about $10.  Though of course we did not spend most of the day in the tiki hut, but in the water.

The sun was quite brilliant when we arrived, and we slathered ourselves with lotion before heading down to the water.  The beach club provides everything from kayaks to life jackets and it's all included in the entry fee.  The attendants were just that, and made sure we had all of the water toys we could use.  The kayaks were by far the best feature and although the winds were high and the waves strong, the kids were not stopped from spending hours splashing about and boating about our portion of the lagoon.  

Cait had a babysitting job waiting for her tonight, and we all have to be up early tomorrow for another local trip with friends.  We hated to do it, but finally had to drag the kids out of the water at 4 p.m. I'll not name names, but at least one parental unit in our car was so exhausted from hours of kayaking fun that she could not keep her eyes open on the ride home.


Cost for entry, food, and bar?  $51.65 plus about $2 for the entry fee to the lagoon itself.  Exhaustingly fun time had by all?  Priceless.


Did I mention the lush tropical greenery?




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Awesome to see you guys taking advantage of all Nicaragua has to offer! Did I ever mention I was there for a week in college? I don't remember the names of all the places we saw but I do remember climbing a volcano and lots of beautiful scenery.

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