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February 20, 2014

Portrait of a 6 year old

Yes, he is asleep, but he technically turned 6 two hours shy of midnight. If you remember, Nick came into the world early on that snowy February day in Reykjavik.  Early enough that when we alerted our families in America, they said, "Born late on February 19th," forgetting for a moment that it was well into the 20th for us.



A quick look back...

3D VIKA 29+_28
29 weeks old and already we can see the family resemblance...
About 20 minutes old...



Visiting his first glacier a day shy of three months.


Sailing with the sissas on the Salty Dog and acclimating to America.


Loving fall in California...almost 9 months old.


First Christmas....


And he's one!

Newly two....

Three came with lights and sirens out of nowhere...


Four barreled down on us like a freight train....
Five was thrown at us like an unexpected snowball....


And now we are being drawn into six...

Happy birthday to our 'amazingly intense yet knows when to break into Gangnam Style for comic relief' Little Guy.  The LG who is rapidly becoming bilingual and assimilates like his sisters...new country, new school, new language, new friends...no worries at all. The LG who has limitless energy, yet still craves his quiet time.

Happy, happy birthday, Little Guy!


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Happy Birthday Nick! Can't wait to meet you someday! Hopefully before you're ten :-)

Those are some great family pictures

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