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May 07, 2014


On Monday morning, I will get up, help get the kids on the bus, and then go back to bed. And,that, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle. Not the getting up or going back to bed...nope, the "putting on the bus."

You see, for the past few weeks, school has been canceled. It has been a bizarre limbo-like experience where each week (sometimes as late as Sunday) we wait to hear if schools will reopen.  Finally, today, we got the news we have been waiting for since the end of Easter break.

Why was school canceled? The basic reason is that the area was under a Code Red alert due to the earthquake we had on April 10th.  Somewhat logically, schools were closed April 11, in order to assess damage.  However, then the code red continued, as we had further seismic activity.  Nothing like the April 10th quake, but school was canceled nonetheless.  

The long and short of it is that my kids ended up spending three extra weeks at home that were not always as fun as they might seem.  Since I work, I cannot stay home with them on sudden breaks. While they received distance learning assignments, they did not get the social interaction from school that they needed, nor nearly as much out of the house since we could not simply stay home.

I must admit, never in my wildest dreams did I foresee this happening. I've thought that a lot of things could happen overseas, but an extended, unexpected break from school was not one of them. I've realized now that I need a lot more ideas in my mental "go bag" as well as having a larger evacuation fund in case something like this happens again. And since the kids were already in school, and doing "distance learning," I couldn't arbitrarily start up a homeschooling program.  I've also learned that I really like my kids going to regular school.  I have yet to find an absolutely perfect school, but my kids getting out of the house, having social time, and being able to see their friends even on days I work is especially important.

And now...now I will celebrate a wee bit.  We have a return to normalcy as of Monday and that is long overdue.  Even better?  Now I feel like I can really work on our R&R plans, since those went on hold during the school hiatus.  Oh, and maybe a glass of wine poolside...I think I've earned it!


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You *have* earned that glass of wine! I have enough difficulties when daycare is out for a day. I can't even imagine several weeks.

An unexpected three week break is a lot. Glad your routines are back in swing!

What a crazy scenario. Glad things seem to be back to normal!

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