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September 12, 2005

I don't know why they call it "helper"

Breaking news: Last Wednesday we hosted our first dinner guest! I was so exhausted from cleaning Wednesday afternoon that I was grateful to "take a break" by cooking! However, I learned a lesson: never make a huge veggie tray for one guest. No way it will be eaten and then half of it will be forgotten back in the fridge (by mistake, of course).

Thursday afternoon we ventured out to playgroup and then to the park after stopping by the Embassy to pick up a package. Yes, my third coffee carafe since arriving here. I don't care, however, as I love my morning coffee and that is that. Um, Mom, running low on Yukon blend (well, will be by next week!).

We did make it to a park I had forgotten about, but was dismayed to see it was smaller (and more graffiti-covered) than I remembered. Not much time to worry about it though, as Cait suddenly had to use the restroom, so we departed.

Friday night marked my first LNO! Yes, that is Ladies Night Out. There wasn't one here and anyone who knows me, knows I need my monthly LNO. So, I co-coordinated the evening with one of Pete's colleagues who was able to get in touch with everyone.

We had a fabulous dinner at Austur India. Tandoori salmon, chicken, lamb, veggies and super tasty bread. It was such a wonderful evening, I will just leave out the fact that my meal cost $70 and that was reasonable!

Saturday was spent tidying up (thanks, Pete!).

Sunday was our first time at the base church. Sunday school also commenced and I was a little afraid as on Thursday, no one seemed to know what to do with the registration forms. Luckily, they had 'on-site' registration, so we just did the whole thing all over again.

Other than Kelsey having learned that saying "I have to go potty" gets you an immediate break from Mass, everything seemed to go well. We also tried the Sunday brunch at the Three Flags Club and were pleasantly surprised as it was a true "American breakfast". Trust me when I say you do crave them occasionally and they can be hard to find overseas (yes, even at "American - Style" restaurants).

So, we may end up at brunch every Sunday, especially considering it cost $19.80 for the 3 of us! Now, that is American.


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