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September 18, 2005

The difference between 1/4 tank of gas and 1/2 tank of gas

is the difference between a day trip or a trip to the base. We discovered this today when preparing to depart for our day trip to see this gorgeous waterfall.

Friday night we discussed going to see the aforementioned site that Pete visited on Thursday during an Embassy 'team-building' exercise. I mentioned that we were low on gas, that less than half a tank remained.

Rather than checking the gas gauge, Pete decided that was more than enough gas for a three hour round-trip. Yes, this is the same Pete who has more than once said, "Oh, there is plenty of gas!" only to have to walk 2 miles round-trip to the nearest station because there was NOT plenty of gas.

I digress, sorry! So, when he got out to the car around noon and discovered it was more like a quarter of a tank. He wanted to go ahead and charge the gas to his card with his fun money. Basically, it would cost $80, $50 more than we would pay at the base and SO not worth it. Yes, gas is about $8/gallon here.

So, we went to the base instead and took the kids bowling. The girls were extremely excited as for a while they were tied with Dad (his wrist was achy). Then towards the end, Caitlin rolled a strike! The girls were using bumpers, but on this roll the ball went straight down the alley and didn't touch either side. Oh, and I beat Pete by 25. I must say that felt especially nice considering the boy usually wins by at least 15.



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