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November 19, 2005

The Inevitable

Yes, it has come down to this:  Jen will have to cook a turkey or there will be no Thanksgiving this year!  Although we are (in theory) happy not to spend, oh, millions of dollars to travel home, well, this is going to be interesting.

Other than Lean Cuisine meals, I have never actually 'cooked' a turkey.  In fact, most frozen dinners come with the meat already cooked, so that is more of a reheating process.

We are joining together with another family to share the burden, bask in the joy of preparing the meal, however, I am still concerned.  Will Butterball answer the phone when I call them at 2 a.m. their time, freaking out because I don't know what to do with the monstrous half frozen beast on my countertop?  Will they hang up because they are laughing so hard at finding out a woman who can willingly move her entire family overseas every few years is daunted by the notion of stuffing a huge, raw bird and cooking it for many, many hours?

These and many more questions will be asked over the next few days.  We can only hope and pray that those of you who have cooked turkeys in the past (and lived to tell) will share your words of comfort and advice.


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I did it this very day!

Thaw well in advance, or buy a fresh turkey. Remove neck and giblets (latin for "disguting bits" from cavity. Rinse in water and pat dry. Slather outside in olive oil so you can skip basting. Aluminum foil on top if it seems to brown too early.

I have a great recipe if you can get fresh herbs. Let me know.

Well, my old stand by for cooking a turkey is a cooking bag. I just season the old Bird, grease him up, and toss him in the baking bag for the set number of hours. However, it is important to remember to remove all those little bags in the various cavities of the dear bird. ONCE upon a nightmare, I forgot!! Interesting carving to say the least.
You will do fine.

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