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November 12, 2008

Lions and tigers and

IMG_0471-1 Oh, my!  No, he wasn't that frightened at all. 

We tried again here, but he didn't buy that one either.  In fact, he looks like he is trying to shake hands. Good practice for a future diplomat, I guess?  

Saturday was a somewhat rainy day, and since we didn't have a rain suit for Nicholas yet, we opted for something semi-indoors. We headed for the  Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, CA, a much touted museum that only Cait had visited thus far.  Not only is it a wildlife museum, but it also houses a hospital and rehabilitation center for those animals too sick, weak, or domesticated to return to the wild. 

Given the low membership price, which included a membership to the Oakland Zoo, we opted to join.  NotIMG_0473-1  only do we get those memberships, but also free or half-price admission to ten other museums in the are.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am beginning to think there is just too much to do here...is that possible?  Every museum we have been to has IMG_0476-1 been engaging for the entire family, and all so far have had inside and outdoor components.  

Caitlin and Kelsey had Monday off, so we decided to use the time wisely to explore even more.  One of the other museums is the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.  Yes, we made it to Berkeley at last!  No chance to hit the Farmer's Market yet, but we will get there.  Again, so many Farmers' Markets, museums, trails, so little time.  IMG_0004 IMG_0008
The girls and Nicholas had a grand time investigating the exhibits, especially the engineering room. Kelsey managed to build an earthquake-proof tower of Legos, something we know is crucial for our area of the country.  We meandered around the rest of the building, had some lunch, and enjoyed the play structures outside while admiring the incredible view of the city and realizing once again just how much we have left to see in our remaining time here.


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