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September 29, 2009

Fed Watch

image from www.life.com

image from www.life.com

If you have access to CNN, or any news channel for that matter, and feel up to watching it for hours, you might just catch of glimpse of my favorite Fed.  Well, my favorite Fed, but if you are even remotely a "fan" of this blog, then he might be yours, too.

It is that time of year again, and Peter is well into his visit to the Big Apple for UNGA.  This is a great opportunity each fall (while we are stateside) for Pete to miss key family events like soccer games, leaf raking (or, in our case, pine needle raking), and lots of fun with homework.  In other words, he doesn't miss too much, and we are insanely jealous of his free, fun-filled trip to New York.   I am grateful, though, that he will return in time for Parent-Teacher conferences;  I am not sure I can handle that much excitement by myself. 

If you need a refresher of what Pete might look like while "working", check out the photo.  Granted, he isn't following the same person, but you get the idea. Just look for those key identifying features:  tall, dark suit, sunglasses, and one of those ear thing-a-ma-jigs (great for costumes!). I should be off to bed, but maybe I will just check CNN one more time...

What's that? Oh, you heard there was a piece on this very topic last week?  Well, not Pete, necessarily, but this division of the State Department?  Yes, CBS had a quick story on their news segment late last week.  For those of you wanting more than just a photo, check out what this reporter learned during his three days with DS

Please note: photos are courtesy of Life.  They were originally found on Getty Images, but borrowed through  Life as they allow one to display said photos on personal blogs (those that are not out there to make money) without charge. Thanks, very generous of you guys, since chances of me getting this photo-op, oh, zero to none?!


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Cool! Can't remember if I saw that photo before or not. I remember one where it was hard to find Pete but this one is nice and obvious. Proud of him!

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